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Research areas

Research areas

Behavioural neuroscience and mental health

Our solid reputation for research spans a range of mental health and wellbeing disciplines, and is distinctly enhanced through digital innovations, international linkages, and substantial infrastructure, including the QUT Psychology and Counselling Clinic.

Bone and joint disorders

This multidisciplinary research group is internationally recognised for the application of biomedical engineering techniques to provide new technologies, materials, procedures and medical devices.


We operate a strong collaborative research model of multidisciplinary research teams, including world renowned researchers, who aim to improve patient outcomes and advance the fight against cancer.

Child and adolescent health

Prevention and early intervention characterises our child and adolescent research, which aims to address childhood disease and development issues before progressing to chronic disease that may continue into adulthood. Indigenous families and others at risk of extreme disadvantage are particularly important to our research.

Chronic conditions management

Our research aims to support the one in five Australians that the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports are affected by multiple chronic diseases, making research in this area essential for supporting a growing population need.

Environmental health

We have established an excellent reputation for environmental health research across a range of areas including health impact assessments of climate change, UV radiation and indoor air pollution.

Health services

Our researchers act as catalysts for the collaboration necessary to undertake great research into health services. They use a range of methods, including biostatistics, economics, sociology, mathematics, epidemiology and psychology.

Healthy ageing, dementia and palliative care

Our multidisciplinary research in chronic disease, supportive and palliative care has established a strong national and international reputation for high quality and translation into real applications.

Healthy lifestyles

Physical activity and nutrition play a crucial role in the prevention, treatment and management of chronic diseases. We research the determinants of health behaviours, health outcomes and optimal survivorship to support healthy individuals and communities.

Infection and immunity

Infectious diseases and immune system disorders have a significant global health impact, affecting the lives of billions. The QUT Infection and Immunity Research Program covers a range of teams, including the internationally recognised Chlamydia research group.

Injury prevention

Our research covers a broad range of methodologies from basic laboratory-based studies to the implementation and evaluation of injury prevention programs. We have strong international linkages and relationships that have a profound impact on safety by informing policy and programs.

Molecular medicine

This research area is led by the Genomics Research Centre, located within the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, and focuses on the genetic and environmental factors involved in common chronic human disorders.

Tissue repair and regeneration

Our staff pursue interdisciplinary research focused on tissue repair and remodelling, and skin and wound management. We collaborate globally with industry partners, universities, hospitals and international research institutes.

Vision and eye

We have an international reputation for excellence in vision and eye research, developed by internationally awarded researchers from QUT’s School of Optometry and Vision Science and School of Biomedical Sciences who work alongside clinicians and industry partners.