Australasian Mortality Data Interest Group

The Australasian Mortality Data Interest Group (AMDIG) facilitates information sharing relating to the collection, collation, coding, dissemination and analysis of causes of death data in Australia, New Zealand, and potentially the Asia-Pacific region. It complements the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Mortality Statistics Advisory Group (MSAG) by providing input from a broad based inclusive membership. AMDIG aspires to achieve consistency in the quality of mortality data by advocating for standardised data collection and processing.

AMDIG aims to:

  • provide a forum for information users, managers and providers to contribute and promote sound data collection and management principles, their application to mortality data processes and to identify issues for attention
  • provide a link between national mortality information and international developments
  • provide advice to managers and users of mortality information on technical standards related to mortality data collection, analysis, reporting, policy and procedures
  • provide a forum for the discussion of issues for the improvement and promotion of the integration, scope, coverage and quality of mortality information
  • disseminate information to membership through feedback from the AMDIG meetings, annual Mortality Forum via the AMDIG list server and AMDIG web site.

To achieve this, AMDIG will:

  • maintain an agenda of contemporary issues relevant to mortality data
  • conduct and publishing collaborative research relevant to improving the quality and utility of mortality statistics
  • conduct an annual conference/workshop/seminar to showcase contemporary research, current and developing initiatives and report on other issues of significance to mortality
  • maintain cross representation and feeding into other committees and groups. ABS Mortality Statistics Advisory Committee (MSAG) / International Collaborative Effort on Injury Statistics / International Collaborative Effort on Mortality Statistics / WHO FIC Australian Collaborating Centre
  • share information via AMDIG Website / AMDIG Discussion List / Annual Conference/workshop.


The AMDIG Understanding Mortality Data Workshop is an annual event. It brings together providers, processers, coders and users of mortality data in a forum to share research, policy and strategies that use or are informed by demographic and causes-of-death data. The workshop provides a unique opportunity for these groups to share experiences.

Past workshops have been hosted by the National Centre for Health Information Research & Training (NCHIRT), through the QUT School of Public Health and Social Work, and more recently by other AMDIG partners such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the National Coroner's Information System (NCIS), New Zealand Ministry of Health and the Queensland Commission for Children Young People and Child Guardian. The 2014 workshop was held at the University of Sydney.

Discussion list

The discussion list is a forum for subscribers to discuss contemporary issues of interest concerning mortality data.

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