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The Faculty of Health offers a wide range of allied health disciplines, which are professionally recognised in Australia. We have partnerships with governments, health organisations and communities to offer real-world clinical and work placements. Each of our schools collaborates with overseas institutions in teaching, research, and student mobility.

Global links

  • Our School of Biomedical Sciences has research collaborations in Europe, the USA and many countries in South-East Asia (particularly India, China, Myanmar and Vietnam) and will consider articulation options for students into its biomedical and medical laboratory science degrees.
  • Our School of Clinical Sciences has links across South-East Asia and advanced standing arrangements with institutions in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, as well as connections with outreach activities in China and Vietnam.
  • Our School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences has strong links in Asia and is working closely with institutions and hospitals in Singapore and Vietnam in research and student training.
  • Our School of Nursing designs and delivers professional development for nurses from Japan and other countries.
  • Our School of Optometry and Vision Science is the only optometry training facility in Queensland and has an international reputation for excellence in research.
  • Our School of Psychology and Counselling has strong research links with prominent institutions in the USA, the UK, Africa and South-East Asia.
  • Our School of Public Health and Social Work is working with institutions in Vietnam to improve the health and public health education systems and has articulation arrangements with institutions in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • The faculty is a major partner in QUT's Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI), which focuses on research in cells and tissue, vision improvement, medical devices, human health and wellbeing, and injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Real-world facilities

  • On-campus QUT Health Clinics offer training with accredited clinicians using industry-quality equipment in exercise and movement sciences, nutrition and dietetics, optometry, podiatry, psychology and counselling, and wound healing.
  • Our Clinical Simulation Learning Centre offers nursing students world-class laboratories and clinical practice facilities.
  • Medical imaging students learn how to prepare and position patients in the specialist imaging laboratory.
  • Pharmacy students learn essential communication and dispensing skills in our pharmacy counselling room, which operates like a real pharmacy counter.

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