Community involvement

The School of Psychology and Counselling aims to make important contributions to the improvement of human health and to the development of Australia’s healthcare policy and services through our teaching, collaboration, research and community service activities.

QUT Health Clinics

Our Health Clinics provide the community with quality and affordable health services. The Psychology and Counselling Clinic's main function is to provide affordable psychological services to the local community and to act as a training facility for postgraduate counselling psychology students. These facilities keep the school engaged with the community while also providing students with valuable real world experience.

Industry partnerships and community research

Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety - Queensland (CARRS-Q) exemplifies an approach to shaping and informing public debate that works through long-term partnerships with key government and industry bodies. This research component of the school conducts groundbreaking research in the area of road safety, working in collaboration with such agencies as the Queensland Police Service and the New South Wales State Transit Authority.

Community engagement and real world education

The Faculty of Health is constantly engaging with external partners in its teaching and learning and research activities to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. The school's staff seeks out projects and creates partnerships with industry to improve the health of the community both locally and globally.

An example of this is our longstanding relationship with the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS), which supports research conducted in the school by students. Psychology and Counselling staff assist by enhancing knowledge in the areas of research design and psychometric testing. The real world experiences and knowledge shared by the QAS paramedics in the classroom has aided the education of students, for example, in understanding the impact of work-related trauma.

Another strong area of community engagement is work with health and education departments in the prevention of mental health problems in children and adolescents. We carry out this work with programs like the Resourceful Adolescent Program.


School of Psychology and Counselling