About the school

We are a leading school for studying psychology and counselling in Queensland. Our undergraduate student numbers continue to grow at a rapid rate, with over 700 continuing students. We also train postgraduate students in clinical, educational and developmental psychology, as well as counselling at our state-of-the-art QUT Health Clinics. We also supervise a vibrant and growing student body of higher degree research students.

Quality staff

We are highly regarded for the professionalism, dedication and friendliness of our academic staff. Several of our academics have won national teaching awards, and many have national and international research profiles. In addition, many of our staff also are fully registered and practising psychologists, and represent the profession on state and national professional bodies.


Connected culture

We have dedicated, approachable and friendly staff who create a climate of connectedness where students are valued, included, and respected. We are also dedicated to providing real world learning, and ensuring that our courses are relevant and impact positively on the larger community.

Innovative courses

We have several unique offerings, including workplace learning opportunities in our undergraduate program and a nationally recognised research support program. We offer a range of double degrees combining an accredited psychology stream with Business, Law, Justice, Exercise Science, Nursing, or Social Work.

Our courses

Leading research

We have a strong international reputation in numerous research areas, specialising in real world applied research dedicated to solving pressing psychological issues. In addition, we host the internationally renowned Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety - Queensland (CARRS-Q), one of Australia's leading centres dedicated to research, education and outreach activities in road safety.


School of Psychology and Counselling