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Experts share insights on data in the age of COVID-19: Friday March 27

How accurately can data be used to help stop the spread of COVID-19? Amid the anxiety can data help people understand the facts and protect loved ones?

‘Distracted walkers’: Can flashing footpath LEDs break the smartphone spell?

Can flashing LED lights embedded in footpaths break the smartphone spell and alert ‘distracted walkers’ as they approach a road or rail intersection?  New QUT research suggests the answer is ‘yes’.

Can't sleep and feeling anxious about coronavirus? You're not alone

This is a confusing and, frankly, scary time for a lot of us. There’s so much contradictory information, and the “right” thing to do yesterday is now the “wrong” thing to do today. If you're feeling edgy, having trouble sitting still or concentrating, finding yourself constantly or obsessively checking for updates, losing sleep, or waking in the early hours of the morning feeling anxious – you're not alone.

What steps hospitals can take if coronavirus leads to a shortage of beds

The number of COVID-19 cases in Australian continues to grow with new cases confirmed each day. Of those who get ill, about 20% will have moderate or severe illness that requires hospitalisation.

Why working families need parks and playgrounds more than ever

Are you a parent who is struggling to find time to be with your child and help them grow? Our newly published research shows neighbourhood parks, and playgrounds in particular, provide valuable and unique opportunities for interaction between parents and children.

To build muscle don’t chill out after training

The verdict is in - cold water immersion after intense strength-training impairs muscle growth and strength and thus defeats the purpose of all that effort.