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QUT awards Honorary Doctorates to Rhonda and Terry White

22-12-2016 For the first time at QUT, a husband and wife have been awarded Honorary Doctorates, the University’s highest honorary award.

Melanoma research breakthrough gives hope to treatment

07-02-2017 A QUT-driven project has identified the way in which melanoma cells spread, opening up new pathways to treatment via drugs to ‘turn off’ the invasive gene.

High-speed running increase puts hamstrings at risk

06-02-2017 AFL players who quickly increase the amount they run at high-speed are at greater risk of hamstring injuries, QUT research has found.

Why some drivers slow down when using mobile phones: QUT research

24-01-2017 With mobile phone distracted driving a growing road safety issue, a QUT study reveals why some drivers slow down when using a mobile phone but others don’t.

Brief break will be a life-saver on the roads

20-01-2017 Drivers have been warned taking breaks from behind the wheel is essential to save lives, ahead of a busy weekend on Queensland roads.

How were you affected? QUT study into lasting impact of 2011 Qld floods

19-01-2017 The 2010-2011 Queensland floods had a devastating impact which resulted in 78 per cent of the state being declared a disaster zone and the death of 35 people.

Eco-driving and safe driving technology to save lives, environment and money

03-01-2017 Road safety researchers at QUT are developing innovative in-vehicle technology to improve safety and save dollars at the petrol pump, and are looking to test it out on Brisbane drivers.

Heart attacks linked to Christmas holiday period

23-12-2016 New research from QUT and the University of Melbourne has found an increase in heart attack deaths over the Christmas period.

Education program launched for rural health workers

22-12-2016 QUT has partnered with the Allied Health Professions’ Office of Queensland (AHPOQ) Queensland Department of Health and James Cook University to develop and trial a generalist education program for rural allied health professionals.

QUT offers free health checks for kids in January

08-11-2016 Parents have been urged to get in early and book their children into free ‘back-to-school’ health checks at the QUT Health Clinics on January 10, 11 and 12.


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