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Would you put this in your mouth? Looks can be deceiving...

15-10-2018 It looks a bit grubby, but a lot of us safely put this in our mouth.

Organ transplant recipient app to manage high skin cancer risk

02-10-2018 Organ transplant recipients have a shocking 80 per cent higher risk of skin cancer due to the immune system suppressing medication they must take for life.

Time to act to reduce diabetes-related foot disease

01-10-2018 Greater investment from governments, health professionals and researchers is needed to reduce costly and common diabetes-related foot disease (DFD), QUT Principal Research Fellow Dr Peter Lazzarini and co-authors write in the latest issue of the Medical Journal of Australia.

Students and military medics join forces

28-09-2018 QUT paramedic students and Australian Army medics have worked together in mock injury scenarios to help prepare for civilian and military health emergencies – and get a better understanding of each other’s jobs.

Could obesity be linked to climate change?

26-09-2018 For many years, we have heard about the impact of climate change on our environment, but now a QUT researcher is investigating the associations between rising sea levels and expanding waistlines.

Blowing the whistle on referee decisions

24-09-2018 It’s one of the hardest jobs in sport that every armchair fan thinks they can do better.

New ‘telehealth’ appointments available from your home

10-10-2018 Anyone across Australia with a computer can now talk to QUT Health Clinics from their home thanks to the introduction of telehealth appointments.

Start QUT for free while you’re still at high school

17-09-2018 When Jarod Lam started attending lectures at QUT, he was still heading off to high school every day.

Many minds: multidisciplinary approach to x-ray interpretation

10-10-2018 Brisbane radiographer and QUT Clinical Fellow Michael Neep has one essential piece of advice for graduates of all health professions heading into busy emergency departments – value your opinion and be heard.

Vale Professor Brian Brown

10-10-2018 The man credited with founding optometry research at QUT (when QIT), Professor Brian Brown, has been remembered by colleagues, QUT and his profession after passing away in early August.


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