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Epigenetics tell the story of trauma and recovery

A world-first study of the epigenetics of posttraumatic growth and resilience points the way for further research into how people can overcome the negative impacts of trauma after events such as bushfires, serious motor vehicle accidents, domestic violence, childhood and work-related trauma.

Information technology features in short course offerings

Information technology, education and nursing short courses will be offered by Queensland University of Technology in response to the Federal government’s Higher Education Relief Package.

QUT’s free palliative care websites a resource for all health workers

Ten-year-old Emily has a life-limiting heart condition that makes her weak and unable to attend school as often as she would like. At times she requires home oxygen and uses a walker. She lives on a rural cattle property with her parents and two younger brothers.

New follow-up models to bring cancer care closer to home

Thousands of cancer survivors could benefit from a new model of shared follow-up care delivered by specialist cancer care nurses, GPs, and cancer specialists incorporating telehealth sessions being implemented under a five-year $1.5 million NHMRC Investigator Grant.

Brisbane school students become citizen scientist grass mappers

Agricultural students at Brisbane’s Corinda State High School have become citizen scientists while at home, providing useful data to QUT researchers on local distribution of flowering grass species which produce allergy-triggering pollens.

Digital health platform aids clinicians in COVID-19 treatment

A $4 million digital health project involving health services, clinicians and researchers will enable front line medical workers treating COVID-19 patients to use real-time data and analysis to improve health outcomes.