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Interdisciplinary assessments provide vital student experience

21-06-2019 A team of 75 QUT undergraduate health students and supervisors got hands on at the Indigenous Well Person's Health Check Day in Gympie last month, hosted by the North Coast Aboriginal Corporation for Community Health (NCACCH).

Paediatric critical care in disaster zones

21-06-2019 From working in remote Indigenous communities to saving the lives of children in third world countries, nurse and QUT alumnus Amanda McClelland has many a story to tell. The internationally acclaimed healthcare leader captivated the nursing community this week, when she spoke at a luncheon hosted by the Office of the Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer (OCNMO), Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service (CHQHHS) and QUT.

Genetics showing promise in predicting prostate cancer risk

13-06-2019 In Australia, 17 729 men are estimated to have been diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2018, with a loss of 3500 lives. The majority of prostate cancer tumours are not life-threatening but present diagnostic processes are unable to accurately predict which men require treatment.

Targeting the gut to manage behaviours in children with autism: QUT study

11-06-2019 Could stress levels, behaviours and sleep patterns for children with autism be improved by altering their gut microbiome?

QUT researcher Judith Clements a Queensland Great

10-06-2019 Leading Australian biomedical cancer researcher and QUT Adjunct Distinguished Professor Judith Clements AC has been honoured as a Queensland Great as part of the state’s annual Queensland Day celebrations.

Evaluating pharmacist delivered vaccination a step to wider roll-out

13-06-2019 Globally, vaccination is estimated to save between 2 and 3 million lives annually. Yet low immunisation rates are a significant public health concern. IHBI researchers are part of a solution involving pharmacists that started in Queensland and has spread across Australia.

3D modelling at the core of improved hip fracture implants

13-06-2019 Hip and femur fracture treatments require expert surgical skills and an implant shape that closely matches the patient’s anatomy when inserted into the canal of the thigh bone, called the femur.

Evacuate now: research on flood & fire warnings wins award

30-05-2019 QUT researchers have received a national award for improving life-saving public warnings about bushfires, floods and other devastating natural hazards.

QUT Health helps guide formation of new Qld health agency

31-05-2019 The Queensland Parliament considered input by QUT’s Faculty of Health on the Health and Wellbeing Queensland Bill 2019, which was passed into law on 3 May 2019. The Bill establishes Health and Wellness Queensland (HWQ) as a health promotion agency to reduce risk factors associated with chronic disease and health inequality.

Making a positive difference to the world

29-05-2019 QUT’s annual Giving Day was a huge success this year, with around 2000 generous donors contributing $772,480 towards a range of worthy projects.


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