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Tony McAvoy SC is QUT Alumnus of the Year 2018

07-08-2018 Australia's first Indigenous Senior Counsel Tony McAvoy graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from QUT in 1988. He was named QUT Alumnus of the Year 2018 today and also received the Faculty of Law’s Outstanding Alumni Award.

QUT ARC Future Fellowships announced

03-08-2018 A research project that mimics nature to create sustainable environmental and energy applications, and another focussed on helping the human body clock adjust to the impact of artificial lighting in homes and workplaces, are two of four QUT-based projects awarded more than $3.5M in Australian Research Council Future Fellowship (ARC) funding for 2018.

Making love can make men sad too: QUT research

31-07-2018 A world-first study by QUT researchers concludes men can and do suffer from Postcoital Dysphoria (PCD) which results in feelings of sadness, tearfulness or irritability following sex.

Native Aussie plant kills dengue virus in QUT lab tests

27-07-2018 QUT researchers have found a native Australian plant can kill all four strains of the dengue virus.

QUT eSports Arena taps into $1 billion industry

23-07-2018 Australia’s first university eSports gaming ‘arena’ will be showcased at the QUT Open Day this Sunday, July 29.

Overuse of antibiotics not what the doctor ordered

19-07-2018 With increased use of antibiotics worldwide linked to growing antibiotic resistance, a world-first study co-authored by a QUT researcher has highlighted the growing impact of non-prescription supply of antibiotics in community pharmacies, and the urgent need for better enforcement of laws.

Tell us what you really think of your healthcare

17-07-2018 Everyone is a patient at some point in their lives and QUT is seeking 1000-plus Australians to participate in a survey about their experiences when talking with primary healthcare practitioners such as doctors and dentists, and x-ray clinic and pathology staff.

Learn from the best: Grads return for Open Day

09-07-2018 Want to find out what it’s like to work at a hot young tech company, or the digital arm of one of the world’s biggest accountancy firms … or even Walt Disney World in Florida?

Simple test to predict rare cancers' likely spread

06-07-2018 New QUT research has shed fresh light on how head and neck cancer spreads to other organs and researchers are developing a simple blood test to tell doctors which patients are at risk of spread long before conventional imaging can.

Do athletes get the performance tech they pay for?

01-07-2018 Athletes and trainers who invest in high-end wearable technology to track the body’s performance should be wary about where they spend their money, according to QUT researchers who found 95 per cent of the devices they analysed had not been formally validated by their makers.


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