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Probiotics for gut health, what about for depression?

19-02-2019 Do probiotics have a role to play in managing depression? That’s the question QUT-led research is exploring through a clinical trial currently underway.

EVENT: Reflections on women, men, sexual violence, and #MeToo

20-03-2019 What does #MeToo mean for men and women? How should men and women respond? What roles in particular can men play in building a community free of sexual violence and abuse? What does the research tell us is effective in engaging men in this work? More widely, what are the strengths and limitations of #MeToo as a way of organising against sexual violence?

Students make QUT their first choice

30-01-2019 QUT has made more than 12,000 QTAC offers to students across its two campuses this year, with about half of those offers made to Queensland school leavers.

Drug shows promise to treat diet-induced osteoarthritis

30-01-2019 QUT scientists have found that a drug derived from omega-3 fatty acids can reduce osteoarthritis inflammation that’s been caused by a high-fat diet.

EVENT: Good universities or ghastly futures: how can we find a democratic path for higher education and research?

27-03-2019 Join us for a keynote presentation with Emerita Professor Raewyn Connell where she will address a 'big idea' that is central to social democracy and justice, access to knowledge and participation in Australian public life.

Eating clean in 2019

03-01-2019 Healthy eating is a lifelong commitment and if you are setting new goals for 2019 and want to get rid of the effects of Christmas/ New Year excess eating, QUT dietitian Dr Helen Vidgen has some indispensable tips.

It can wait: Apps aim to stop deadly phone use

18-12-2018 Is the temptation to use your phone and drive simply too much for most people?

End of Life Law for Clinicians course

31-01-2019 Some people receiving end of life care may not receive adequate pain and symptom relief when some clinicians who, unsure of the law, under-medicate due to concerns about legal liability.

P platers don’t know these road rules … do you?

19-11-2018 Did you know Queensland P platers can’t listen to music via Bluetooth or use GPS maps while they’re driving? And that it’s illegal for their passengers (as well as the driver) to have phone conversations on speaker?

Berlin interns study hospital tech

04-06-2018 Two Faculty of Health student interns have spent eight weeks in Germany working on an iPad-based digital medical chart that could soon be trialled by Australian doctors to bring detailed information to patients’ bedsides.


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