It’s NOT just about dressing for success!

12:00pm - 1:00pm 12th August
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Wounds are a hidden affliction: people who are at risk have little or no knowledge of what action to take when their wound doesn’t heal. And the people and systems surrounding them can often be at a loss too.

Join our panel to discover how we are shedding new light on the care of our biggest organ!

The Healthy Dialogue Series is an initiative of QUT’s Faculty of Health that brings staff, students, alumni, government, industry, and our communities together over (virtual) lunch every Wednesday at noon. 

The discussion is invariably thought-provoking, relevant, and meaningful as together we connect the unconnected, think outside the square, and explore innovative and engaging ways of building partnerships and transferring new knowledge across teaching, research, and engagement.


Dr Cynthia Cliff
QUT Faculty of Health