Industry Connect

23 - 24 June
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Discover unique career pathways in your field of study while creating valuable connections at QUT’s first Industry Connect event for Science and Engineering.

Join us online on 23 and 24 June to kick-start your journey to the real world through this professional conference-style program.

You’ll get to network virtually with some of Australia’s leading organisations from private, public, government and not-for-profit sectors.

Who can attend?

We encourage all QUT students to attend, particularly if you have an interest in the science, engineering, information technology, mathematics and urban development industries. 

Everyone from QUT is welcome to participate, including students, alumni and staff from both Science and Engineering and all other faculties.


How does it work?

Experts from industry and academia will be hosting online sessions that will run concurrently, including:

  • hackathons
  • employability workshops
  • guest speakers
  • industry panels
  • virtual networking.

This is a great opportunity for you to connect with industry, develop your networking skills and to create your own opportunities.

How do I prepare?

Save the date

  • Don't miss the event! Virtual events can be easy to forget because we don't have physical travel as a reminder
  • Record it in your diary or e-calendar and set a reminder.

Do your research

  • Review the list of the industry partners prior to the event
  • Come prepared. Research the industry partners; decide which ones you want to meet and prepare questions to ask
  • Take a look at their LinkedIn profiles.

Download Zoom

We'll be using Zoom to power the video calls during the event.

Dress to impress

  • Think smart casual clothing. You will be making a professional impression if you do!
  • Make sure your room is neat and tidy as it will be seen, too.

Join and learn

  • Remember to always open the chat window in each video room so you can submit questions.
  • Think about conversation starters.
  • Ask genuine questions.


Many sessions will be held over two days. Choose your preferred sessions and register via UniHub.