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Why study psychology at QUT?

Psychology is the study of the mind and behaviour and touches all areas of human existence. Graduates of this field build careers in a wide range of professional areas, including education, human resources, market research, organisational behaviour, policing, public health, human services, and counselling, or go on to do postgraduate study to become registered psychologists. Graduates also work as researchers to provide greater understanding about how people think, feel and react to situations, and to develop new strategies to improve psychological functioning.

Registered psychologists use scientific knowledge of human behaviour to assist individuals who are experiencing issues such as mental disorders, relationship problems, learning difficulties, addiction and eating disorders. They may work in a specific area of psychology such as cognition, neuroscience, or social and developmental behaviour.

Studying Behavioural Science (Psychology) at QUT, opens up opportunities to study specialised areas of psychology including alcohol and drug studies, forensic psychology and the law, family therapy, sexuality and gender, and community psychology. Students may also build knowledge in specific interest areas via electives from other areas of the university, such as science, criminology, creative industries and business.

Degree pathways

Years 1-3

Complete our APAC accredited undergraduate psychology course, Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) (3 years full time), to gain foundational knowledge of human behaviour.

Years 4+

Students may continue psychological studies to become a registered psychologist or counsellor, a researcher, or may apply their knowledge to a variety of fields in industry. See our other resources on becoming a psychologist or a counsellor for more information on degree pathways.

Years 1-4

Plan ahead beyond a standard bachelor's degree, saving time and money, by completing a double degree. Combining a Bachelor of Behavioural Science with Business, Justice, Laws, Social Work or Nursing will give you a competitive edge to enhance your employability and maximise your career opportunities. Pairing skills in understanding human behaviour and motivations with other fields creates a nuanced ability to innovate and problem-solve in a range of circumstances.

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