Learning Potential Fund

'The Learning Potential Fund is an outstanding demonstration of this university’s commitment to building excellence and opportunity together.'

- Professor Peter Coaldrake AO, Vice-Chancellor

'The Learning Potential Fund is a cause that is dear to my heart. It's amazing to see recipients launch themselves into university life with a confidence that stems from knowing that someone is looking out for them.'

- Tim Fairfax AC, Chancellor

Invest in our students' potential

Our Learning Potential Fund gives bright and ambitious students the chance to pursue a university education, where otherwise they'd have none.

It gives real support to low-income students in need, so they can rise above crushing financial pressure and sometimes brutal circumstance.

Before we even give these students a dollar, we know they have already achieved something special, just by getting to QUT. Now they need a little extra support to reach their full potential.

Our commitment to you

Our Learning Potential Fund is one of QUT's key fundraising priorities. As a perpetual endowment, it creates long-lasting opportunities for as many promising but financially disadvantaged students as possible.

We match all donations, dollar-for-dollar, and underwrite all administration costs, meaning every dollar you give goes to the students, forever.

Your gift will keep on giving

We're dedicated to providing educational opportunity for all, regardless of background.

We know how powerful these scholarships can be, as our research has consistently shown that those students who receive support through the Learning Potential Fund are more likely to remain at university than those who do not.

By supporting our Learning Potential Fund, you'll be helping change the lives of QUT students in need; helping them create real futures for themselves. In turn, many of these graduates are giving back to the community and the next generation of students.

We're currently only able to help half of the 5,000 students who apply for help from us each year. Through the help of our generous donors, we are seeking to boost the fund's capital base so we can help all our students in need.

More information

To find out more about the impact the fund has on our students and the stories of some of our donors, read our Learning Potential Fund brochure (PDF file, 963.05 KB).

The QUT Learning Potential Fund supports the QUT Equity Scholarships Scheme.


Senior Development Officer (LPF)
Mrs Nadeyn Barbieri


Students awarded scholarships and bursaries through our Learning Potential Fund since it began in 1998.