First published 18 August 2020

Australian-based expert, Professor Selena Bartlett, is an international trailblazer. She is a QUT Professor of neuroscience and a research leader in addiction neuroscience and obesity at the Translational Research Institute (TRI) Brisbane, Australia.

Her studies explore how our brains respond to the stress of addictive behaviours such as bingeing on sweet foods, drinking, and smoking.

During our live collaborative webinar in July, Professor Bartlett presented on how the brain works, and the ways that stress can lead to unhealthy habits. She also explained how to build brain resilience to enhance mental strength and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Watch the recording below.

Professor Bartlett has been studying the brain for 30 years. She is author of ‘MiGGiMatters: How to Train Your Brain to Manage Stress and Trim Your Body’ and ‘Smashing Mindset: Train Your Brain to Reboot, Recharge, Reinvent Your Life’ and also hosts the Shining Mind podcast.

Her research has the potential to help millions of people who suffer from ongoing mental health conditions and alleviate pressure on the health system.

USA alumni and friends can support Selena’s research and the next stage of an online clinical trial through the Friends of QUT in America Foundation. Alternatively, if you would like to make a gift in Australian dollars, please contact QUT Giving via or 07 3138 2147.