QUT believes in creating opportunities for connection between employers/industry partners and students through ongoing and varied engagement strategies. Connecting with students on campus can be a great way of interacting with keen and motivated students, and can promote your brand and provide students with relevant information about your organisation and opportunities.

Connect with our students

Our Industry Connect Sessions are a powerful way to communicate specific information to proactive students with an interest in your area. We support Industry Connect Sessions through a range of advertising channels, and to maximise coverage we recommend session details be confirmed at least two weeks prior to the session. At peak periods (March - April) a lead time of one month or more may be required.

To schedule a session, complete the online request form.

Student clubs and events

Connecting with students on their own terms through student-run events and activities ensures that you are engaging with them in their preferred context. By developing ongoing relationships with student clubs you are able to gauge graduate trends and expectations.

There are a wide range of student clubs and each one offers different events - some of the most common industry engagement events are:

  • networking events
  • industry panels and showcases
  • student competitions and projects
  • charity fundraising events.

To find out more about our Student Clubs and Events, contact our Student Engagement team.