Leave a legacy

Every year our students and researchers benefit from gifts that provide ongoing support for students through scholarships, prizes, bursaries and awards, or make the difference in extending research opportunities.


When you remember QUT in your will, you are supporting education, research and the community for future generations. Find out more about leaving a legacy through a bequest.

Named scholarships

A named scholarship creates a legacy which will continue to change lives and help new generations reach their potential into the future.

These programs can be established through QUT in your name, or in memory of your loved one, friend or colleague. The scholarship can be designed to pay tribute to your values and interests, or those of your loved one.

If you are interested in creating a named scholarship, prize or grant please contact our Philanthropy Manager.

Endowment funds

If you would like to create a legacy, you can establish an endowment fund at QUT or provide support over a fixed number of years.

Endowment funds are established by QUT from larger gifts, with regular withdrawals from the invested capital used for the ongoing support of dedicated prizes, scholarships or research, usually in perpetuity.

A minimum donation amount is required to establish an endowment depending on the value of the program to be supported.

QUT invests your endowment fund pledge with the Queensland Investment Corporation.

To find out more about establishing an endowment fund, please contact our Philanthropy Manager.

Planned gifts

Fixed-term gifts can be established by pledging to donate a portion of the overall pledge over a fixed number of years. For example, you may wish to pledge $50,000 in total to support a $10,000 scholarship annually for five years.

We recommend a minimum of three years for a pledge.

To find out more about fixed-term gifts and pledges, please contact our Philanthropy Manager.


Philanthropy Manager

June Tayloe