Imagining what's next for seven life-changing projects

First published 3 June 2022

On Wednesday 25 May for QUT’s fourth Giving Day, our community rallied together again to support life-changing education, research and community projects. Thanks to our 924 donors and 124 ambassadors, we were able to 'imagine what's next' and raise $2,778,491.

We want to share exactly what donor generosity is helping us achieve, so we’ve prepared a short update on what’s next for the seven QUT Giving Day 2022 projects!

Help students in financial need: Learning Potential Fund – $2.68 million raised

Donor support will enable more students to follow their dreams of gaining an education at QUT without worrying about cost of basic living expenses.

Eyecare for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children – $18,589 raised

Thanks to our donors, we can provide more than 370 prescription glasses for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and enable the Children’s Vision Team to develop educational materials to promote eye health.

Protect the Major Mitchell's Cockatoo from extinction – $6,012 raised

Donor generosity will enable a researcher to deploy acoustic monitoring to guide future conservation action and protection efforts for this iconic species.

Save lives with precision prostate cancer treatment – $21,317 raised

Donor support will help fund a postgraduate student for twelve months to assist with this life-changing research and work with the team to develop rapid analysis for screening molecules against prostate cancer cells.

Support law students in need: QUT Law Founders’ Scholarship – $28,838 raised

Gifts from Giving Day will support two law students experiencing financial or other difficulties for the first four years of their studies, allowing them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Fight deadly pathogens with emerging tech – $5,896 raised

Because of our donors, we can fund surface installation and testing in a hospital setting, allowing staff to test the effect of a structured surface against several common bacterial and viral strains.

Imagine a school for all to meet diverse student needs – $5,876

Donations from QUT Giving Day will help fund an expert review of one existing alternative schooling model and provide opportunities for the work of teachers and young people in this school to be made visible.

These incredible outcomes have all been made possible because of our donors. If you’d like to become a donor and help us make a real-world difference, you can make a gift here.