Fundraising for a brighter future

First published 13 May 2022

The QUT community are rallying to support world-changing education, research, and community projects on Wednesday 25 May during this year’s QUT Giving Day.

Now in its fourth year, QUT Giving Day seeks to empower students, develop life-changing research, and generate real solutions for our environment. 

Since 2018, QUT Giving Day has raised more than $3.7 million from 5,480 generous donors. 

Executive Director of QUT Advancement, Margo Powell, said the many collective gifts from alumni, staff, students, and the wider QUT community have an enormous impact. 

“Giving Day is a day when people can really make a difference and support research projects and education initiatives that are designed to change the world,” Ms Powell said. 

“This year, our goal is to rally 1,849 donors in 24 hours. It’s a special number for us, as it marks QUT's origins dating back to the year 1849. 

“We know QUT has many passionate supporters and we hope they can come together and make it happen.” 


This year’s QUT Giving Day projects include: 

Help students in financial need: Learning Potential Fund 
The fund supports promising students who are financially disadvantaged and might not otherwise have the opportunity of a university education. It’s the largest perpetual endowment fund of its type in Australia and has provided 35,000 scholarships since 1998. Donations are matched dollar for dollar by QUT, which means your generosity goes further. 

Eyecare for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children 
Our research suggests that up to 1 in 3 school children have undetected vision problems, and in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, up to 95% of children who need glasses don’t have them. QUT’s Children’s Vision team is working hard to bridge these gaps through important initiatives to ensure children have a bright future with good vision. 

Protect the Major Mitchell's Cockatoo from extinction 
The Major Mitchell's Cockatoo is an iconic Australian pink and white parrot that is vulnerable to extinction. We need to monitor them thoroughly, but intensive traditional bird surveys aren’t feasible in the outback. QUT researchers will deploy acoustic sensors that continuously listen for their distinctive calls. By monitoring these calls, we will be able to map their movements and breeding hollows, and save this iconic species from extinction. 

Save lives with precision prostate cancer treatment 
Prostate cancer affects one in seven Australian men in their lifetimes and is the fourth most common cause of cancer death. QUT researchers are developing targeted therapies that actively seek out cancer proteins and kill harmful cells. precision treatment options, outcomes and quality of life for Australian men diagnosed with prostate cancer. 

Support law students in need: QUT Law Founders’ Scholarship 
This fund supports students in need to strive for academic and personal excellence and build successful careers to encourage a healthy and diverse legal profession. 

Fight deadly pathogens with emerging tech 
World-leading researchers at QUT are spearheading innovative technologies to fight pathogens through nanostructured surfaces. Surface modification, inspired by nature, physically prevents the settlement and survival of bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19) on surfaces.This will enhance our preparedness for outbreaks like COVID-19 in the future. 

Imagine a school for all to meet diverse needs 
QUT researchers focus on evidence-based approaches to building an equitable and excellent education system that encourages creative thinking to meet current and future challenges. Your support will enable this important research to be progressed and assist mainstream schools in adapting current educational practices to better support all students in a changing world. 

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