30 October 2019

Every year, the QUT Learning Potential Fund (LPF) gives bright and ambitious students the chance to pursue a university education, where otherwise, they’d have none.

This, alongside the desire to help others from disadvantaged backgrounds, was the reason QUT alumnus Rochelle and her partner Jay decided to leave a gift in their Will to the Learning Potential Fund.

After migrating from the Philippines to Australia more than a decade ago, Rochelle said they see a real need to support those who haven’t been as fortunate as themselves.

“We count ourselves lucky that our families could afford to send us to university and provide us opportunities that we know are out of reach for the majority who live in poverty,” Rochelle said.

“I’m a qualified accountant and Jay has worked in marine transport with oil tankers, however we’ve both since changed careers; I’m now doing data analytics and Jay is a community support worker,” she said.

“This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our families, so I can’t imagine what it must be like for others who don’t have this kind of support.”

Like many others, the couple had some misconceptions around bequests and philanthropic gifts, thinking that leaving a gift in Will was something only wealthy people do.

“We see the LPF as an opportunity to donate now, but also leave a bequest when we are gone,” she said.

When you support QUT’s Learning Potential Fund like Rochelle and Jay, you’re helping students like Nyma reach their full potential.

The opportunity to leave a gift in their Will was an ideal way for Rochelle and Jay to make an impact well into the future.

“The LPF is a vote of confidence that we believe in the students, in their dreams and there are people who care and are willing to help them realise those dreams.

“By investing in their future, we hope they can enjoy and experience the wonderful opportunities this country provides.”

Each year, QUT is overwhelmed with students from rural, regional or disadvantaged backgrounds needing financial support, however the Fund is only able to help half of the 5,000 students who apply each year.

The LPF is the only perpetual fund of its scale in Australia, helping finance more than 2,000 annual scholarships. The university is dedicated to providing opportunities for all, regardless of background, which is why QUT underwrites administrative costs and matches every gift to the LPF dollar-for-dollar – doubling the impact of donors like Rochelle and Jay.

To help more students receive access to a university education through the LPF, or to find out how you can leave a gift in your Will, email