05 June 2019

Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be daunting at the best of times; moving to a completely new city can be even more so.

For QUT engineering student Toby, the support of a CS Energy Learning Potential Fund scholarship made all the difference when he made the move from regional Queensland to pursue his tertiary studies at QUT.

Toby grew up in a small town near Cairns. He had always planned to attend university and after a few years working full-time, recognised the need to get back into ‘study mode’.

“I knew that I needed to begin university to prevent putting the degree off further and making it harder to get into the swing of studying again,” said Toby.

Engineering student and LPF Scholarship recipient, Toby Medway

The challenge of switching from full-time employment into life as a student can be financially overwhelming. The QUT Learning Potential Fund relieves students from some of the financial pressure to work and study at the same time, allowing them to fully focus on their education.

“The ability to focus on study and university life and only be employed during the holidays has allowed me to join a lot of social clubs and meet a range of people who have all helped and contributed to my university journey so far,” said Toby.

“The scholarship has also assisted in helping obtain my work placement over the 2018-2019 semester break. This placement was the necessary Work Integrated Learning (WIL) component required for completion of my degree,” he explained.

Toby is currently in his fourth and final year of study at QUT, having recently finished a 12-week engineering placement near Chinchilla at CS Energy’s Kogan Creek Power Station.

Toby on site at CS Energy's Kogan Creek Power Station

“I've also begun working on my final year thesis project in collaboration with CS Energy. It's been a great opportunity to spend one day per week in the head office and gain valuable experience - an experience I wouldn't have had without the support of my scholarship."

After completing his Bachelor of Engineering, Toby hopes to gain on-site graduate-level employment to further develop his interest in mechanical and materials engineering.

Learn how you can make a difference to the lives of students like Toby by making a gift to the QUT Learning Potential Fund. 

Toby Medway at CS Energy's Kogan Creek Power Station