01 May 2019

With aspirations for a career in photojournalism, music, or health, Sacha had always planned to go to university but wasn’t sure which to pursue until he started studying biomedical science at QUT.

“I’ve always had a passion and interest in the underlying mechanisms of the human body. I started at QUT with a double degree in Business and Biomedical Science but soon transferred straight to biomedicine and haven’t looked back. Each class is still so interesting,” said Sacha.

He’s one of the lucky recipients of a QUT Learning Potential Fund scholarship, which has made all the difference to his life financially. Like many students, Sacha discovered just how expensive life can be when trying to study full time and pay the bills.

“I had already completed my first year at university before applying for a Learning Potential Fund scholarship. I’d just moved into a new apartment and due to being around the Christmas period, which always comes with additional expenses, my finances took a significant hit. I started semester one of my second year with just $15 in my pocket. The Learning Potential Fund assisted with my financial stress and allowed me to focus on my studies.”

The Fund allows students to focus on their studies full time, often without the need to work as much as before. The scholarships also help students purchase necessary study items, like stationery and textbooks.

“My scholarship really helped me get back on my feet at the beginning of my second year. Not only did it help with buying groceries, but it also helped me buy lab books, textbooks, notebooks, and stationery."

Now, Sacha is completing the final year of his Bachelor of Biomedical Science and looking forward to taking some time off before sitting the Graduate Admissions Medical Test (GAMSAT) in 2021.

“My dream job is to be a doctor in a hospital emergency department. After graduation this year I hope to take a year off to travel and work more before hopefully beginning medical school.”

When reflecting on his time at QUT, Sacha is grateful for the opportunities that come with being actively involved in the university community. 

“I’ve been lucky enough to get my foot in the door a lot at QUT and am hoping to be offered a sessional academic role in the undergraduate anatomy and physiology laboratory classes. It would be incredible to gain a casual job within my field.”

Because of the generosity of donors, Sacha can dream big.

You can support students like him by making a gift to the Learning Potential Fund. 

Learning Potential Fund scholarship recipient, Sacha Alexiou