02 August 2017

QUT has a long history of staff generosity, starting with donations to support the QUT Art Gallery more than 72 years ago, at predecessor institutions.

In 2017, that culture continues stronger than ever, with the Staff Giving Program celebrating some impressive milestones.

During 2016/2017, more than 700 payroll and one-off donors gave $443,448 to a variety of QUT student support, research and community outreach programs.

"Staff support is incredibly valuable and appreciated,” said QUT Director of Alumni and Development, Simone Garske.

“They demonstrate to our students that, as staff, we have confidence in their ability to succeed. It also tells our alumni and other friends that QUT staff believe in the university and its students.”

One of the most impressive milestones was that, as a collective of current and past staff members, staff have made 100,000 gifts to support QUT programs through the payroll giving program.

Professor Ross Young stated that these donations can be seen as 100,000 votes of confidence in our students, researchers and outreach programs.

Another milestone being celebrated in 2017 is a financial one. Collectively, the QUT Staff Giving Program contributed its millionth dollar to the Learning Potential Fund.

“This amount is particularly significant,” said Professor Young, “as it is comprised of primarly regular, fortnightly donations from staff across the university."

"Whether professional or academic staff, and irrespective of income or donation amount, every donation contributes to the whole, and makes a difference."

The final milestone celebrated this year is 25 years of staff giving to the QUT Community Welfare Fund (CWF). This project provides small grants and awards to local charities and organisations, who are often not big enough to attract major government help.

“QUT staff are passionate about lending a hand in the community, and this fund is a wonderful example of how we do this”, said Professor Young.

QUT Staff Giving Committee chair, Professor Ross Young, with 17 year staff donor Christine Williams