Philanthropy research

By providing valuable community services, Australia's growing not-for-profit sector addresses a huge range of social problems, and has grown into a recognisable 'third' sector, alongside government and corporations.

The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies (ACPNS), within the QUT Business School, is Australia's leading centre for engaged research for the nonprofit sector.

Key ACPNS research programs include:

  • 'Developing your board', which is helping nonprofit boards to assess their performance through low-cost and reliable survey instruments
  • the Social entrepreneurship research program, which is creating new knowledge and tools about the social entrepreneurship model in which organisations trade to help fulfil their social mission
  • an extensive and diverse research program in Philanthropy and fundraising, including the landmark Giving Australia report for the Commonwealth Government, and studies on high-net-worth giving, foundation creation, fundraising skills, bequests and major gifts
  • development and implementation of the Standard Charter of Accounts, to allow nonprofits to file one set of financial data to satisfy reporting requirements of all state and federal agencies
  • The Nonprofit model laws project, which provides a forum for the third sector to develop its own models for legislation and regulatory mechanisms.

The centre is strongly committed to sharing the results of this engaged research with the sector through publications, webinars, short courses, consultancies and the ACPNS website.

ACPNS provides scholarships to students that can make the world of difference to our students by enabling them to stay enrolled and complete their degrees. Donations to ACPNS will bring a brighter future and support the next generation of students and the organisations they support.


Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies


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