Create real hope

Research has the ability to impact not only those affected by debilitating illnesses, but their families and those around them. It provides insight into global challenges facing the community, and informs business practices to enhance the nonprofit world.

Philanthropy helps make our leading research possible, allowing us to address problems in health, society and the environment.

Cancer research

Our cancer research team are working to develop new treatments and better ways to fight cancer.

Eye health research

Our vision researchers are working to improve a range of vision impairments, including myopia, macular degeneration and diabetic neuropathy.

Mental health and neurological research

We are committed to providing support and research to help the community achieve mental and physical health.

Cardiovascular disease and diabetes research

Our researchers are using the latest technology to prevent and delay cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and to develop improved treatment strategies for quality of life.

Dementia and ageing research

We are supporting the wellbeing of an ageing Australian population, focusing on dementia and other age-related diseases.

Future environments research

Researchers and students at our Institute for Future Environments are working to solve the challenges of scarce natural resources and reducing our carbon footprint.

Philanthropy research

Australia's leading centre for research for the nonprofit sector is providing expertise in teaching, research, technology and service for the benefit of the philanthropic and nonprofit community.


Philanthropy Manager

June Tayloe