Learning Potential Fund

Invest in our students' potential

Our Learning Potential Fund (LPF) gives bright and ambitious students the chance to pursue a university education, where otherwise they'd have none.

It brings the gift of self-empowerment to those with dreams and drive, but few resources.

Far from being a welfare program, the LPF is wholly dedicated to the transformative power of education.

These students have already demonstrated that they can achieve special things, just by getting to QUT. Now they need a little extra support to reach their full potential.

A quantifiable difference

A gift to the Learning Potential Fund creates a real world effect. As the only perpetual fund of its scale in Australia, your gift creates a tangible and long-lasting opportunity, helping finance a portfolio of more than 2,000 annual scholarships.

With your support, the Learning Potential Fund has provided more than 20,000 scholarships and bursaries. The retention rate for our Learning Potential Fund recipients is 88%, which is higher than their peers.

This support comes from many alumni and friends of QUT, and includes more than 612 current members of staff who donate regularly through payroll contributions.

The Learning Potential Fund now stands in excess of $60 million toward our target of $100 million.

Your gift will keep on giving

We’re dedicated to providing opportunity for all, regardless of background. That’s why QUT underwrites administrative costs and matches every gift to the LPF dollar-for-dollar - doubling the impact and directing gifts straight to the cause.

By supporting our Learning Potential Fund, you'll be helping change the lives of QUT students in need; helping them create real futures for themselves. In turn, many of these graduates are giving back to the community and the next generation of students.

We're currently only able to help half of the 5,000 students who apply for help from us each year. Through the help of our generous donors, we are seeking to boost the LPF's capital base so we can help all our students in need. The LPF is a perpetual endowment - with your help it has the power to create opportunities for promising but financially disadvantaged students forever.

More information

To find out more about the impact the fund has on our students and the stories of some of our donors, read our Learning Potential Fund brochure (PDF file, 944.1 KB).

The QUT Learning Potential Fund supports the QUT Equity Scholarships Scheme.


Senior Development Officer (LPF)
Mrs Nadeyn Barbieri


Annual scholarships are provided by the Learning Potential Fund.