Our commitment to you

We are extremely grateful for the support we receive from donors. We aim to learn about and respect our donors' philanthropic interests, to find ways to match this interest with university priorities, and to engage our donors as partners in philanthropy to further the mission of the university.

Our commitment to our donors:

  1. QUT endeavours to administer all gifts consistently in accordance with Australian law and to ensure the donors' intentions are honoured.
  2. QUT reserves the right to decline gifts where acceptance would compromise our fundamental principles.
  3. All gifts from donors will be acknowledged by an official receipt, compliant with Australian Tax Office guidelines. Where appropriate, further acknowledgement, recognition and publicity will also be undertaken.
  4. QUT respects the privacy of donors. When requested, a donor and the details of their gift to QUT will be kept private and confidential.
  5. Donor information is highly privileged knowledge and will only be used by QUT to maintain contact with donors.
  6. QUT endeavours to maintain openness and transparency with donors. Where appropriate, the university will provide reports about the way gifts have contributed to our success, and provide the most recently published financial statements.

We also adhere to the International Donor Bill of Rights.

We welcome your feedback and enquiries regarding the QUT donor commitment.


Philanthropy Manager

June Tayloe