Offer your skills

We value the opportunities you provide by sharing your skills and time with us. Many of our initiatives benefit from people giving to us through participation in boards and committees, becoming guest lecturers for our students and providing volunteer services. We find that our alumni and friends like to give back in many ways - through time and talent.

Participate in university life

Joining our boards, councils, committees and advisory groups gives you an opportunity to shape the directions of future generations and participate in the life of the university. We have opportunities at the faculty level through advisory boards, and the university management level through the alumni board.

Find out more about joining boards or committees

Volunteer your services

We welcome your time to share your expertise and become involved in the life of the university. It will be our pleasure to work to your strengths as you get involved.

Please contact our Alumni and Development Office to talk about how you can get involved with our work.



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