Mentor a student

Recognising the value of networking and building relationships, mentoring provides a key opportunity for professional development, as a complement to training and education.

The QUT Career Mentor Scheme, an initiative of QUT Alumni, provides the community with the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with our students through a structured program. Typical activities include:

  • 'mentees' shadowing mentors at work
  • regular meetings to discuss contemporary industry issues
  • participation in workplace seminars.

We recognise the need to provide a broad range of opportunities to both volunteers and students, so we welcome expressions of interest from the wider community.

One of the key outcomes of the scheme is helping the next generation workforce to be well adjusted professionals. By getting involved, you can play your part by sharing your knowledge and experience with a student as they transition from study into the workplace.

Providing a gift of your time and expertise through the QUT Career Mentor Scheme will increase the potential of our students in their pursuit of their dreams.


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