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The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt by all.

Our students need your help more than ever, as we know that students who experience financial stress are less likely to finish their studies.

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible and 100% of your donation goes to the area you choose.

Jordan Lee, Learning Potential Fund scholar and current student

Learning Potential Fund

The Learning Potential Fund provides scholarships to students who exhibit academic potential but whose financial circumstances might otherwise preclude them from going to university.

QUT is currently only able to help half of the students who apply for this scholarship each year. Demand from students in need in a post- COVID-19 world is only going to rise.

To make your gift go even further, QUT matches every donation dollar-for-dollar.

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Emergency Student Fund

Many of our students are in need; the part-time and casual work they rely on to pay for rent and necessities has disappeared as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

QUT has directed additional funds towards the Emergency Student Fund to provide immediate support to eligible students in need. Since late March and thanks to our donors, staff, alumni and members of our community, we’ve been able to help 154 students and counting.

With your support, we will be able to help even more students get back on their feet.

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Learning Potential Fund

Over half are the first in their family to attend university

98% said scholarship helped them stay at university

2,000 students helped annually

Emergency Student Fund

154 students helped in a few months

Support for students through unexpected hardship

Available to domestic and international students

Professor Selena Bartlett

Healing the Brain clinical trial

QUT researchers led by Professor Selena Bartlett are working to change the conversation around mental health in light of the significant impact of the global pandemic.

Your gift will help launch a clinical trial to support participants improve brain health and reduce stress, anxiety and depression.


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