9 - 19 August
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QUT Entrepreneurship's FUEL is an innovation program that will give you the processes and tools to take a problem to prototype.

This project-based program applies the design-led process of understanding the problem, generating solutions, and developing/testing prototypes in order to meet the needs of your target customers. 


Date & Time:

9 Aug - 2-5PM

12 Aug - 2-5PM

16 Aug - 2-5PM

19 Aug - 2-5PM


Student and Staff Registration

Alumni Registration


Key learnings include: 

  • Understanding the problem space: engage in research and analytical techniques that help explore the needs and goals of your target audience.

  • Creative Action: translate data into insights to help with concept ideation, prioritisation, and visual representation of solutions.

  • Prototyping: develop and gain proficiency in creating mockups, wireframes, and prototypes.

  • Optimisation: reiterate design concepts based on feedback and testing to optimise and improve usability, desirability, and feasibility of your final design solution.


Module 1: Principles, Processes & Validation - adding fuel to your tank

  • key methodologies
  • secondary to primary research

Module 2: Developing Insights

  • affinity mapping
  • empathy mapping
  • personas
  • customer journeys

Module 3: Ideas and Concepts - half-tank milestone

  • features & user flows
  • design & sketching 

Module 4: Building & Testing Prototypes

  • wireframes and prototyping
  • usability testing
  • case study prep and pitch presentation - Full Tank!


Format: Hybrid - In-person on campus and online check-ins and modules

Dates: Wednesdays, 31 March, (mid sem break), 14 April, 21 April & 28 April

Time: 3-5PM


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