First published 13 July 2021

At the age of 22, QUT Business alumnus, Murray Decker, packed his bags to go overseas. Ninety countries later, the passionate traveller founded Tour Amigo – a software and distribution system for multi-day tour operators. Murray shares insights from his entrepreneurial journey so far.

1. In 10 words or less, describe your business 

Travel technology specialising in software and distribution for multi-day tours.

2. How is it different to competitors? 

Tour Amigo is the only company specialising in innovative technology for multi-day tour operators. We’re the first to market and don’t have any direct competitors.

Unlike our indirect competitors, we offer live booking; automation across accounting, finance, and reporting; and flexible, cloud-based software that automatically updates with new versions, features, and functions.

3. How would you describe your target market? 

We have two markets – tour operators and selling partners.

We specifically cater for tour operators who offer multi-day tours (I.e. tours that run for at least one night and include the tour guide, accommodation, transportation, meals, and activities all in one price).

Our selling partners are travel agencies, airlines, tourism boards, global distribution systems (GDS), and any platform wanting to feature and sell multi-day tours.

4. What’s the most difficult lesson you’ve learnt? 

You can’t talk about your entrepreneur difficulties with family and friends.

5. What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs? 

Follow the money and don’t try to make a perfect product/service – just produce the bare minimum and then test it on customers. 

6. Who inspires you? 

My stepmother – her positivity, inspiration, advice, and “just do it” attitude.

7. What values are important to you in business? 

Lots of things! There are values that I personally strive to live by and also expect from my staff.

  • Entrepreneurial mindset (be adaptable and accepting of constant change)
  • Autonomy (the ability to work independently, remotely, and flexibly)
  • Learning (having a constant and willing approach to learn and upskill)
  • Problem solving (always thinking of solutions and asking, “how can we do better?”)
  • Positivity (staying motivated and positive with your attitude and approach)
  • Communication (speaking openly, being honest, and respecting others)
  • Passionate about travel (relating to travellers and understanding their wants and behaviours)

8. What impact would you like to have on the world? 

Support and mentor startups to achieve their dreams.

9. What’s the best business book you’ve read? 

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

10. What’s your advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Would you regret trying or not trying?

More about Murray

Murray graduated from QUT in 2007 with a Bachelor of Business (Honours) (Marketing). He is the CEO of Tour Amigo. Murray self-funded the development of the platform and used his extensive network to secure access to data from twenty leading tour operators, providing over 5,500 multi-day tours worldwide.

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