First published 6 May 2021

On Thursday, 20 May 2021, QUT will host its third Giving Day, a fundraiser to ‘Imagine what’s next’. One of the causes to donate to is QUT Budding Entrepreneurs Scholarship.

The QUT Budding Entrepreneurs Scholarship attracts school leavers to undertake their studies at QUT, whilst providing them with support and equipping them with skills to engage their passion for entrepreneurship.

More and more students are launching entrepreneurial ventures while at university. Students are applying what they learn in real-time and gaining new skills that amplify their studies. They are supported by a team of dedicated QUT Entrepreneurship staff, most of whom are themselves, entrepreneurs. Students have access to programs, a community of entrepreneurs and a range of mentors from within the QUT alumni community.

In 2021, QUT awarded four scholarships from a pool of high-quality applicants. Due to the overwhelming interest and demand, we aim to offer eight additional scholarships in 2022.

Your gift will:

• Invest in young entrepreneurs and equip them with the skills and networks they need to succeed

• Provide recipients with access to the QUT entrepreneurial community including co-working in the QUT foundry spaces, entrepreneurs in residence and networking with other student and alumni founders

• Ensure entrepreneurial school leavers can continue to work on their ventures while earning their university degree

• Unlock additional opportunities such as applying for the MIT program offered through the QUT-MIT partnership

• Provide students with the opportunity to share their experience to help fellow student entrepreneurs.

With your support, we won't have to imagine what's next - because your generosity will take us there. 

Learn more and make a donation here.

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