4 - 25 May
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QUT Entrepreneurship’s SPARK program is for anyone who has had an idea for a side project but not sure where to start.

SPARK provides a general overview of what entrepreneurship is, how to incorporate proven techniques into your own projects, and how to gain opportunities and benefits from engaging and connecting with others.

From no-idea to an idea, Spark is a 4-week online program for participants who are unfamiliar with entrepreneurship to introduce entrepreneurial thinking and to understand the process of ideation for developing opportunities to create value. 

The program aims to answer the questions: 

  • What is entrepreneurship? 
  • How might I apply entrepreneurial thinking to kick off a side project or side hustle?
  • How can I launch an idea when I already have a job and/or studying full-time?
  • Can I innovate within my job?
  • Where do good ideas come from?


  • Online learning
  • 1 hr self-study (2 videos) / week
  • 1 hr live tutorial (Zoom) / week*
  • 1 hr homework per week
  • Slack channel for communications and networking

*Tutorial on Tuesday afternoons, 3-4pm (4 weeks)

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Participants finish this program with clarity on how to manage study and work and leave room to be creative enough to launch a side hustle.


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