First published 20 October 2020

Executive Director of QUT Entrepreneurship Professor Rowena Barrett says this will be a summer like no other for university students. Travel, work and entertainment will be limited, making it the perfect time to develop skills and get ready to launch a new venture.

T minus 6 Bootcamp is a brand new program from QUT Entrepreneurship that develops entrepreneurial potential, builds growth mindset and enables students and recent graduates to bring to life the ideas for products, services or solutions they have been dreaming about. 

Named after the critical final 6 seconds before the launch of a Space Shuttle, T minus 6 Bootcampers will learn how to fire the boosters for entrepreneurial ideas to be ready for ignition and launch.

Students will be stepped through the process of refining their idea into a fully-fledged concept, to be validated in the market. The facilitators will help students design a minimal viable product and find a sustainable and repeatable business model to take their prototype to market.

“There are steps to complete before rushing to launch something if you want it to fly in the market. We want to help QUT students and graduates launch ventures in a way that they will be much more likely to succeed, while developing skills that can be applied to future jobs and ventures.” says Peta Ellis, QUT Entrepreneur in Residence.

Students will hear from successful entrepreneurs who have gathered resources and implemented innovative ideas to grow their own successful ventures. Subject matter experts will share what they know about funding, pitching, prototyping and partnering. Over six action packed days on campus, students will be guided by expert facilitators, mentors and QUT’s Entrepreneurs-in-Residence to get them ready to launch a successful venture. 

“As businesses and workers face disruption, entrepreneurship is an essential skill for QUT students and graduates to build a successful future.” said Professor Barrett.

The T minus 6 Bootcamp is free for QUT Students and recent QUT graduates across all disciplines. Applications are now open, with the bootcamp commencing on Wednesday, 18 November 2020.

Further information on the T minus 6 Bootcamp can be found here

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