20 August - 17 September
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Online and Zoom tutorials
Free for QUT Students, Staff and Alumni

Fuel is a 5-week part-time online program for participants who are familiar with entrepreneurship and have identified a problem space and target audience. This program is right for you if you have started on an idea or are soon to explore several solutions. 

The Fuel program enables participants to apply the design-led process of understanding the problem space, generating solutions, and developing and testing prototypes in order to meet the needs of the user and key stakeholders.

Key learnings include: 

  • Understanding the problem space: adopt entrepreneurial techniques that help explore the problem space.
  • Creative Action: find, collate, measure and interpret user insights and apply them to your research and solution. Translate this data into insights towards concept ideation, prioritisation and representation of a solution.
  • Strategic Thinking: apply critical analysis techniques to determine and establish your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Prototyping: develop and gain proficiency in creating mockups, wireframes, and prototypes.
  • Optimisation: reiterate design concepts based on feedback and testing to optimise and improve usability, desirability and feasibility of your final design solution.

Online learning format: 

  • 2 hr self-study (videos) / week
  • 1 hr live tutorial (Zoom) / week
  • 1-2 hrs group collaboration
  • 1 hr homework / week
  • Slack channel for communications and networking

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