12:00pm - 1:00pm 2nd July
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JOIN US DURING SEMESTER BREAK with guest speaker Don McKenzie.  Zoom in with your own lunch, your own questions and a hunger to learn while we hear from a selection of industry experts who will share their time, knowledge and experience with us over an informal lunch learning session.


The weekly Lunch & Learn sessions will be co-presented by QUT foundry and a variety of professional service providers including Lawyers, Accountants, Patent Attorneys, Financial Advisors, HR Specialists, IP Lawyers, Marketing Experts, Growth Hackers, DevOps pros and Seasoned Entrepreneurs who will present for one hour with Q&A. 

All participants will develop knowledge and skills across specific areas of growing a business.

Held every Thursday from 12-1pm and open to all within the QUT and entrepreneurial community.

TOPIC: The Real Keys to Success


OVERVIEW:  If good ideas, good technology, access to money was enough- more people would hit their goals. But a bit like an iceberg, there are more things “below the surface” that are the real keys to success. Join us as we discuss what Don McKenzie believes are the real keys to success.



Don McKenzie is a Brisbane based entrepreneur and investor with a range of experiences in different countries and industries.

Don’s journey started at the age of 18 investing in financial markets at university whilst building a business concentrating in household and commercial insurance repairs. Don sold this business 6 years later and started another technology and professional services organisation that he would lead to list on the ASX following strong growth organically and through M & A.

Don’s “day job” is as the Australia Managing Director of the Adizes Institute, a US-based organisation working with medium to large organisations, MBA programs and not-for-profit entities to share frameworks and tools around the lifecycle of organisations and how to navigate each phase effectively.

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