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12:00pm - 1:00pm 28th May
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WEEK 12: Startup Spaces, Communities and Opportunities. Zoom in with your own lunch, your own questions and a hunger to learn while we hear from a selection of industry experts who will share their time, knowledge and experience with us over an informal lunch learning session.

The weekly Lunch & Learn sessions will be co-presented by QUT foundry and a variety of professional service providers including Lawyers, Accountants, Patent Attorneys, Financial Advisors, HR Specialists, IP Lawyers, Marketing Experts, Growth Hackers, DevOps pros and Seasoned Entrepreneurs who will present for one hour with Q&A. 

All participants will develop knowledge and skills across specific areas of growing a business.

Held every Thursday from 12-1pm and open to all within the QUT and entrepreneurial community.

WEEK 12: Startup Spaces, Communities and Opportunities


“Startups” and “ecosystems” are not new, but the rapid pace of market, social, and technology changes require new approaches and present new opportunities.


Chad Renando is a Research Fellow in the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, QUT and Managing Director, Founder Startup Status.

From the experience of managing Fire Station 101, Ipswich’s Innovation Hub and coworking space, Chad started Startup Status, a not for profit that helps people supporting entrepreneurial activity in Australia understand their impact, measure their innovation investment, and helps entrepreneurs understand their startup status. Chad has had many adventures in connecting with Australian entrepreneurs and support groups, travelling the country and effectively creating an awesome community of innovation and entrepreneurship leaders. Chad wants to ensure that there are equal opportunities for anyone who wants to give something a go. He also cares about how those opportunities play out in the regions. Feel free to ask Chad any question about building a startup hub, his adventure around the country, creating a national community of like-minded individuals and making a difference in regional Australia.

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