First published 23 October 2019

We are thrilled to officially welcome entrepreneurship ecosystem builders Aaron Birkby and Peta Ellis to QUT Entrepreneurship, to help us build more great entrepreneurial action programs for QUT students and staff!

QUT Entrepreneurship aims to inspire and benefit all in the QUT community with an entrepreneurial experience.  To achieve this aim, QUT Entrepreneurship has been busy working on evolving and expanding the entrepreneurship programs on offer to the QUT community, to cater to a greater diversity of needs and aspirations.

This includes offering more programs to help:

  • inspire the community and build entrepreneurial mindsets;
  • the entrepreneurship-curious through to committed entrepreneurs seeking to build businesses for profit or purpose;
  • future 'insider'-entrepreneurs who want to help organisations they'll work in adapt to disruptive change and thrive pursuing new opportunities;
  • current and future founders of small-businesses through to innovation-driven startups applying bleeding-edge knowledge and technologies;
  • hybrid entrepreneurs and side-hustlers;
  • higher degree research students through to researchers, wanting to increase their adaptive potential and research commercialisation capabilities; and
  • future startup joiners through to entrepreneurship activators who play vital supporting roles in our ecosystem.

With Aaron and Peta, we're boosting the brains-trust building these programs, as each brings a wealth of real world entrepreneurship experience to benefit program design for the QUT community.

Aaron, an award-winning technology entrepreneur, has successfully built and exited several startups and served as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at River City Labs (RCL).  He's also the former CEO of Startup Catalyst, where he led startup talent and investor missions to international startup hot spots.  He also serves on the Board of StartupAUS, the national body representing early-stage technology companies in Australia.

Peta, the former CEO of River City Labs (RCL) tech startup space and accelerator, led its development and growth to become Australia's largest innovation hub network for high growth technology companies in Australia, expanding interstate from its Brisbane base to New South Wales and Victoria after its acquisition by ACS. She also serves on the Queensland Government's Startup Working Group.

Aaron and Peta will be working part-time with QUT Entrepreneurship, enabling them to divide their time between program co-design and other pursuits.  One such pursuit is Peak Persona, a business they co-founded to help entrepreneurs and founders achieve their peak mental performance.

Please join us in welcoming Aaron and Peta officially now!  We hope you're as excited as we are to have them join us and to get involved in the new programs we'll be offering soon!