The Future of Work

What will the future of work look like - and what does it mean for you? Explore how technology, thought-leadership and creativity will shape new ways of working and connecting.

#GiveFirst and be a catalyst for positive change

When pursuing an entrepreneurial idea, the Co-Founder and CEO of RealAR, Dr Daniel Swan advises those starting out to “just start” and invest in creating meaningful relationships.Daniel sat down with the QUT Alumni team to share insights from his career journey, and advice for fellow entrepreneurs on how to succeed in the industry.

Opportunities abound in sustainability practice

James Tilbury has seen sustainability shift from a buzzword used in niche corner of the corporate world, to an essential business focus. For over ten years he’s been helping climate tech companies of all shapes and sizes transition to low-carbon solutions for all their operating needs.


Discover how the QUT community is making a real difference across the world.

It takes a village

With her daughter and parents by her side, Erin Featherstone closed a four-year chapter of her life, graduating from QUT with a Bachelor of Social Work at one of the graduation ceremonies in July this year.

Meet your peers: Andrew Cribb | Spaces for Public Good

A qualified Urban Planner and equipped with an MBA (Master of Business Administration), Andrew plays a key advisory role in repurposing and reactivating spaces. The QUT Alumni team caught up with Andrew to find out more about his entrepreneurial journey and the impact it is having on local communities.

Health and Wellbeing

Learn how you can keep your physical and mental health, social connection and work-life balance in check.

5 simple ways to relieve stress (without a glass of wine)

Feeling overwhelmed? Calm and recharge yourself with these positive stress-reducing techniques.

Real-world Innovation

Explore the latest ideas and advances coming from our QUT community.

Meet the entrepreneur: Fiona Holmstrom

Fiona Holmstrom is on a mission to inspire a new generation of innovators and make STEM education more accessible for all through her EdTech startup – STEM Punks. As part of our entrepreneurial alumni profile series, Fiona reflects on her journey of overcoming the fear of rejection and failure that first held her back – to the success of becoming the director of her own company.

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