The Future of Work

What will the future of work look like - and what does it mean for you? Explore how technology, thought-leadership and creativity will shape new ways of working and connecting.

How being difficult at work can help save the planet

Ten years ago, QUT alumnus, Edda Hamar threw a fashion show which snow-balled into an annual, leading runway event for sustainable fashion around Australia. Passionate about reversing the climate crisis, she explains why being ‘difficult’, asking tough questions, and voicing your values at work is the catalyst for change.

Three great reasons to become a mentor

Kathy Gilbert is an experienced executive management consultant and QUT career mentor! Since 2006, she has supported students and graduates with career development and the transition from study to the workforce through QUT’s Career Mentor Program. She shares why being a mentor is a valuable experience for both personal and professional growth.  


Discover how the QUT community is making a real difference across the world.

The race to save our ocean

Climate change is plunging the health of our oceans into rapid decline. Launched in 2019, Live Ocean is a New Zealand organisation with a focus on restoring and protecting the blue planet. CEO of Live Ocean and QUT alumnus, Sally Paterson, explains the ‘ocean opportunity’ in the race to save our oceans.

Taking charge of your finances: a pathway to financial wellbeing

Adjunct Professor Noel Whittaker AM and Professor Lisa McManus share their expertise on taking charge of your finances. Webinar recorded on Tuseday, 27 April.

Health and Wellbeing

Learn how you can keep your physical and mental health, social connection and work-life balance in check.

We need to talk: How to manage difficult conversations

Most, if not all, managers have faced the inevitable of needing to have a difficult conversation with an employee. To help you navigate those often awkward moments, Professor Cameron Newton, Head of QUT School of Management, shares a five-point roadmap for resolving conflicts and building better working relationships.

Regret nothing: Living sustainably during a pandemic

For many people, living sustainably has taken a back seat while the world battles COVID-19. How can we up the ante on sustainability when we can’t use keep cups? QUT alumnus and passionate sustainability advocate, Elissa Jenkins, shares a few ideas for how we can reduce our impact on the planet during a global health pandemic.

Real-world Innovation

Explore the latest ideas and advances coming from our QUT community.

Closing the loop for system change

QUT alumni and sisters, Karina and Samantha Seljak, co-founded Seljak Brand in 2016 with a goal to find new ways of making and using beautiful things that are closed loop by design. The brand’s award-winning, recycled wool blankets that are recyclable at the end of their useful life, are proving how small business can accelerate the transition to a circular economy. Karina and Samantha share their mission to design out waste.

Meet the entrepreneur: Marie Mortimer

Marie Mortimer founded to challenge the status quo on lending and help everyday Australians save money on their loans. As a QUT alumnus and successful entrepreneur, she’s now championing other female founders to make their mark on the world! Marie shares insights from her entrepreneurial journey and how she’s supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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