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01 August 2019

Last month QUT alumni Lisy Kane, Sarah Moran and Tammy Butow launched two books from their first series 'Girl Geeks'.

The team at Girl Geek Academy have written the Girl Geeks book series for 7-12 year old girls to educate and inspire the next generation of women in STEM.

Currently, only 12 per cent of those “building the internet” are women, and Girl Geek Academy is dedicated to levelling the playing field so that future generations will have the same leadership and salary opportunities as their male counterparts.

Lisy Kane, Sarah Moran, and Tammy Butow are three of the five co-founders of Girl Geek Academy - a tech start-up with a mission to teach one million women how to get into the industry and launch their own start-ups by 2025.

One way they're aiming to reach this goal is through the Girl Geeks book series, which follows four girls who are thrown together for a school project, forming their own girl gang as they navigate friendships, take risks and embrace their inner geek.

Find out more about the book series and the upcoming Brisbane launch date.

Sarah Moran from Girl Geek Academy



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