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01 September 2017

If you have ever been online, you have probably seen a traditional CAPTCHA; the distorted words that you need to decipher to prove that you’re human.

Now some entrepreneurial QUT community members are forging the future of CAPTCHAs, swapping the bland process for some unexpected fun.

QUT alumnus, Kevin Gosschalk is the co-founder and CEO of FunCaptcha, an Australian cyber security startup that puts the human experience first.

With fellow co-founder, and FunCaptcha Chief Operating Officer, Matthew Ford (a former QUT staff member) and the Director of Global Brand Strategy at FunCaptcha, Samuel Tyler (a QUT alumnus and current student), the team are already having an impact on a real world security problem.

FunCaptcha has grown to be the first line of defence against spam for millions of users around the world, by using visual puzzles that are easy for humans – and impossible to automate,” Kevin said

“FunCaptcha is the only anti-bot product to offer a guaranteed service level agreement against automated abuse – the first warranty of its kind, and a priceless assurance for the world’s most important brands.”

Since being founded in January 2013, the team have worked with big brands such as Electronic Arts and Kik to determine humans from computers, but they’re still reaching higher.

“Victory is often measured against a sense of how close one is to the top. But at FunCaptcha, there simply is no top,” Samuel said.

“I love that there is always another step that can be taken – another challenge to rise above.”

In 2017, this entrepreneurial spirit has led them to many successes, including their debut as an exhibitor at Black Hat USA – the world’s largest security conference.

“With no online problem larger in scale than automated abuse, FunCaptcha was able to sail across the sea of buzzwords and demonstrate itself as a standout product in front of the world’s leading InfoSec decision-makers,” Kevin said.

Now a globally recognised brand, the team are a real world success story for the Brisbane startup scene.

“Queensland now has the second highest the percentage of tech startups in Australia, and there’s never been a better time to break into the Brisbane startup scene,” Kevin said.

“As it grows, I hope to see simple solutions to big problems – not big solutions for simple problems.”

As the team has grown, they have learnt many valuable lessons, but there is nothing they would change about the FunCaptcha journey.

“Hindsight will often tempt the imagination of a startup, but it’s critical that you focus on what you’ve got today, and how it advances your business tomorrow,” Kevin said.

“Mistakes and conflict are necessary–dwelling on them is not.”

For more information on FunCaptcha, visit their website:

FunCaptcha founders Kevin Gosschalk and Matthew Ford


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