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29 July 2016

It’s an exciting year for QUT alumni in the film industry and those who love supporting their fellow alum, with two Australian films involving QUT alumni set to be released in 2016.

Feature film Conscious demonstrates the long lasting connections of the university, boasting 10 QUT alumni, students and former students in its cast and crew, while Red Billabong is a testament to the talent of our alumni, with alumnus Sophie Don in a starring role.

Conscious is Bachelor of Creative Industries graduate and Sinai Entertainment Chair Neeta Gosal’s debut as a film Writer/Producer, and stars former Bachelor of Fine Art (Acting) student Lauren Orrell in a leading role and as Associate Producer.

QUT alumnus Lauren Orrell in a scene in 'Conscious.'

Orrell praises the connections she made at QUT, which have continued to help her in her career.  

“I really believe that my study at QUT set me up for this role, but more than that, it’s given me the chance to meet other like-minded individuals in the creative industries.”

“As a student I didn’t realise just how well these connections would serve me long after my time at uni.”

QUT alumni and students featured in the Conscious cast and crew include:

  • Neeta Gosal (Bachelor of Creative Industries) - Writer/ Producer
  • Lauren Orrell (fomer student - Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting)) - Lead Actor (Clementine Jackson), Associate Producer
  • Danniella Markovic (Bachelor of Fine Arts) -Supporting Actress (Karolin)
  • Ebony Nave (student - Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting)) - Lead Actor (Bonnie Rose)
  • Josh O’Donnell (Bachelor of Fine Arts) - Location Sound
  • Kara Moolman (Bachelor of Fine Arts) - Location Sound
  • Matt Sawyer (Bachelor of Fine Arts) - Post Production Supervisor
  • Alex Brinkworth (Bachelor of Fine Arts) - Gaffer
  • Jennifer Barker (Bachelor of Fine Arts) -  Production Co-ordinator.

Filming of Conscious finished in 2016 and is currently in post-production, with the team crowdfunding through the Australian Cultural Fund to finish post-production for the edit, grade, score, mix and marketing of the film.

A second film featuring QUT alumnus Sophie Don in a starring role, Red Billabong is due for national release in cinemas on 25 August.

QUT alumnus Sophie Don in a scene in 'Red Billabong.'

Sophie says her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting) degree helped shape her for her current role, and her career in the film industry.

“I would love to be able to inspire others doing the course to know that QUT really trains them for the careers they are hoping for.”

For more information on these movies or to view the trailers, visit the Conscious crowdfunding website or the Red Billabong website.

Red Billabong premieres in Brisbane at New Farm Cinemas on 18 August, with the world premiere in Sydney on 10 August.

If you’d like to support QUT’s Creative Industries programs, please visit the giving website.

Former QUT student Lauren Orrell stars in thriller 'Conscious,' set to be released in 2016.

QUT alumnus Sophie Don stars in 'Red Billabong,' which is due to be released in cinemas nationally on 25 August.



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