Oodgeroo alumni chapter

The Oodgeroo alumni chapter reconnects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduates, provides continued support and strengthens connections to the Oodgeroo Unit and QUT.


We are a community of QUT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander alumni who value diverse professional networks that contribute to individual and collective success.


We aim to be recognised as a safe and respectful community that:

  • creates exclusive opportunities for productive and engaging networking
  • celebrates and promotes the success of our members
  • allows our members to contribute to QUT's strategic priorities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student success.


Our values are central to achieving our vision and mission:

  • Respect: we conduct ourselves in an honest and open-minded manner, and demonstrate integrity and self-awareness.
  • Relationships: we embrace compassion and humour for meaningful engagement.
  • Excellence: we aspire to be pragmatic and influential and nurture successful agents of change.

Our two-year road map

Priorities for our first two-year road map are informed by our members, the relevant strategic objectives of QUT and the Oodgeroo Unit.

Membership, communications and promotion
Increase active membership.
Maintain an active social media presence to engage members.
Introduce a newsletter to keep members updated on recent and upcoming events.
Invest in resources to promote the Chapter.
Professional and social networking events
Facilitate regular professional and social events to benefit our members.
Work with the Oodgeroo Unit to assist in the development of a mentoring program that will optimise the skills, knowledge and experience of our active membership.
Oodgeroo Alumni Chapter Indigenous scholarship scheme
Establish a scholarship scheme to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student success at QUT.
Identify diverse funding opportunities to ensure the success of all Oodgeroo Alumni Chapter activities.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander QUT students automatically become members of our chapter when they graduate. Membership is free.

Executive committee

Ali Drummond
Dr Deb Duthie
Secretary and Student Representative
Natalie Cranston
Taal Hampson
Events Coordinator and Student Engagement
Jade Hourigan-Scammell

About our executive committee members

Ali Drummond

Ali graduated with a Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice in 2015 and he works as a lecturer in the School of Nursing at QUT. His father's people are the Wuthathi and Yadaighana of Cape York Peninsula and his mother's are the Dauareb le of the Murray Islands in the Torres Straits. Ali hopes that the Oodgeroo alumni chapter could be a meeting place for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduates who are interested in sharing ideas and developing professionally to inspire change across their respective professional fields and home communities.

Dr Deb Duthie

Deb is a descendant of the Wakka Wakka and Warumungu peoples. She graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science (Human Services) in 2000, and her PhD and a Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice in 2012. Deb is a senior lecturer and academic advisor at the Oodgeroo Unit. She teaches in the Indigenous knowledge minor within the Oodgeroo Unit and focuses on social work and human services practice. Before working in the Oodgeroo Unit, Deb lectured in the Social Work and Human Services Program for 12 years.

Natalie Cranston

Natalie is a descendant from the Gungalu, Wuilli Wuilli, Yetimarli and Darambul tribes. She is currently a third-year Bachelor of Business student and also works for the Division of Research and Commercialisation at QUT. Natalie is excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the Oodgeroo alumni chapter and share her working and studying experience within the community. She is looking forward to building professional relationships and becoming acquainted with other networks.

Taal Hampson

Taal is of Torres Strait Islander descent with family connections to Hammond Island (Dorante). He joined QUT in 2006 working as a logistics assistant in Facilities Management. He later obtained a position as finance officer in Facilities Management before undertaking the role of financial coordinator in 2011. Taal became the team leader of professional services in 2012 with the Oodgeroo Unit, and is responsible for managing the administrative and financial operations.

Jade Hourigan-Scammell

Jade is currently studying a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) after completing a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) in 2013. She is an Aboriginal woman born and bred in far north Queensland. Her mob is from Pine Creek in the Northern Territory. Jade loves spending her free time going on camps with Camp Quality and working within the Oodgeroo Unit as an ambassador. Jade's vision for the chapter is to see past Oodgeroo graduates reconnect with the Oodgeroo Unit, and also to provide a gateway for current students to stay connected when they finish their degrees.

How can I get involved?

If you have any questions about the chapter or want to become involved in the executive committee, contact the Oodgeroo alumni chapter.

You can also connect with the chapter through the Oodgeroo alumni chapter Facebook page.



  • Postal address:
    Alumni and Development Office
    GPO Box 2434
    Brisbane Qld 4001