10 February - 20 October
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Real World Wisdom is a webinar series by alumni, for alumni. Explore upcoming webinar topics, from job search and interview preparation to the first twelve months in a new job. 

The Real World Wisdom series was launched in 2020 to make a real-world difference and support alumni looking for practical career advice and tools to enter the job market and manage their ongoing career development.

In 2021 we will focus on the employment lifecycle, covering job search and interview preparation skills, the first twelve months in a new job, and career progression.

As a bonus, webinar attendees go in the draw to win a QUTeX course valued up to $660.00 (terms and conditions apply).

Take a look at what's coming up in 2021.

2021 Webinar Host:

Tom McGruther 

Director at Edison Talent

Tom is the Director of Edison Talent, a Brisbane based IT recruitment company that specialises in software development, leadership, and strategy. After finishing an IT degree in Data Communications from QUT, Tom moved into network administration and then into IT recruitment. He now runs a national team of around 25 consultants who work across finance, security, mining, bitcoin, and weapons tech.

Tom will be joined by other experienced alumni for each webinar.

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Upcoming webinars

Topic 6: Choose your own career adventure

Wed 20/10/2021 12-1pm

Do you want to work your way up in an organisation, side-step to another opportunity, or pivot in your career? 

Join our panel of experienced alumni as they share their advice on accelerating in your chosen career path. They will discuss:  

  • looking for opportunities  

  • professional development  

  • ongoing training, and  

  • education 

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Past webinars

Topic 1: Applying for jobs: how to make the interview shortlist

Wed 10/02/2021 12-1pm

How can you stand out from the crowd in a competitive job market? Our panel of experienced alumni recruiters and hiring managers share advice on:

  • addressing selection criteria 

  • tailoring your resume, and  

  • what to do if you don’t have much work experience. 

Webinar recording available on YouTube (recorded Wednesday, 10 February 2021)

Topic 2: How to succeed in your next job interview

Wed 24/03/2021 12-1pm

So you’ve got the interview – what’s next? Join our panel of experienced alumni recruiters and hiring managers as they share their tips on: 

  • candidate scoring

  • answering challenging questions 

  • avoiding common mistakes, and  

  • preparing for online and in-person interviews. 

Webinar recording available on YouTube (recorded Wednesday, 24 March 2021)

Topic 3: Tips for success in your new job

Wed 19/05/2021 12-1pm

You've got the job - now what? Join our panel of experienced alumni hiring managers as they share advice on: 

  • having a voice as a new graduate 

  • building internal relationships 

  • recognising influencers, and  

  • finding mentors in your workplace. 

Webinar recording available on YouTube (recorded Wednesday, 19 May 2021)

Topic 4: Money matters: Get savvy with your salary 

Wed 14/07/2021 12-1pm

Now you are earning money, what should you do with it? Join our panel of experienced alumni with finance and accounting backgrounds as they share their knowledge and understanding of:   

  • HECS thresholds  

  • tax returns  

  • medicare surcharge, and  

  • superannuation.  

 This webinar covers basic and general financial advice to get you started. 

Webinar recording available on YouTube (recorded Wednesday, 14 July 2021)


Topic 5: Workplace skills

Wed 25/08/2021 12-1pm

Join our panel of experienced alumni with people management and coaching skills as they share their tips on:  

  • giving and receiving feedback  

  • performance reviews, and  

  • common challenges faced in the workplace by newer employees. 

Webinar recording available on YouTube (recorded Wednesday, 25 August 2021)

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QUT Alumni
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