1:00pm - 2:00pm 30th November 2020
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Just like Toastmasters only better! This ongoing fortnightly workshop will focus on the practice of pitching and develop participants' public speaking and communication skills.


Who can attend?

QUT Entrepreneurship's Pitchmasters is an opportunity for future and current students, staff, alumni and emerging entrepreneurs in the wider community to master pitching in a safe and supportive space.

Everyone is welcome to participate - either as a spectator or to pitch.

Why Pitchmasters?

These days, the question: “What’s your pitch?” is another way of being asked, “Who are you?”. Let’s get you ready for that.

Do you want to:

  • improve your pitching, speaking and presentation skills?
  • practice preparing and pitching your recommendation for approval or your project for investment?
  • learn how to answer questions and take on board feedback?
  • help evaluate and assess pitches for improvement?

Welcome to Pitchmasters, your dojo on the art and science of pitching.

Through regular practice, coaching by experienced facilitators and encouragement in an evaluative and supportive environment, Pitchmasters is your antidote to the pain of pitching. 

To see how it all works, join the next Pitchmasters session!


A regular series of improve-by-doing workshops on pitching that provides a supportive and positive learning experience for all.

Pitches are a maximum of 3 minutes each (unless told otherwise). Our facilitator will keep time on the pitches on Zoom. You don’t need to have slides, but if you do let the facilitator know to allow individuals to share slides for their pitch. We do encourage you to simply pitch without prompts.


Held fortnightly on a Monday from 1 to 2pm

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Upcoming dates

  • Monday, 30 November 2020
QUT Entrepreneurship

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