Alumni and employer services

When you graduate from QUT you automatically become part of our alumni network of more than 180,000 graduates worldwide. We provide services across the university that can assist our alumni and employers in a range of areas.

Alumni services

Get your academic transcript

Request an official copy of your Academic Record.

Replace your parchment

Request a replacement of your parchment.

Graduation Ceremonies

View the latest ceremony schedule, register for a ceremony (deferred graduates) or enquire about previous ceremonies.

Join the QUT Library as an alumnus

Graduates can apply for access to the QUT Alumni Library Information Service for free or discounted rates.

Update your details

Update your details to keep up-to-date with the latest QUT news and offers.

Adjust your communication preferences

Choose how you would like to hear from us.

Apply for a student fee refund

You may be eligible for a student fee refund, even after leaving QUT.

Withdraw from units without penalty

You may be eligible to retroactively withdraw from units without financial or academic penalty.

Employer services

Verify someone's academic qualifications

Organisations can use our free online verification service to verify academic qualifications issued by QUT and our predecessor institutes.