Student Leadership Award winners

2018 winners

Rebecca Nguyen Le

QUT Alumni Student Leader of the Year

As the first member of her family to attend university, Rebecca Nguyen Le has made the most of her opportunity to pursue higher education.

She has shown exceptional leadership throughout her time at QUT, and involved herself in many university and community activities. Currently holding nine executive positions within various QUT student clubs, Rebecca has helped build several organisations from the ground up, including QUT Oxfam, QUT United Nations Student Association, and QUT’s Australian Youth Climate Coalition. She also supports her fellow students through mentoring and support programs.

Her passion for social justice runs through all aspects of her life. Outside of QUT, Rebecca is Youth Minister for Health and Disability Services for Queensland Youth Parliament. She also volunteers with the Women’s Legal Service, assisting on issues such as domestic violence, family law, and parenting, and is an active fundraiser for many community initiatives.

Despite her busy work and volunteer schedule, Rebecca has managed to achieve excellent academic performance with a grade point average of 6.18, and was recently awarded the Ashurst Rod Bush Memorial Scholarship in recognition of her achievements. Rebecca is in her third year of university and currently completing a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) and Bachelor of Laws (Honours).

Last year she was awarded the Dr Joe Goodall Community Engagement Award for the youth member who did the most in their community.

Jed Fraser

QUT Alumni Special Excellence Award winner

Jed completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Movement Science in July 2018, and is currently enrolled in a Graduate Diploma in Public Health.

As a proud Aboriginal man from the Bidjara and Mandandanji clans of South West Queensland, Jed has been an influential leader for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students alike.

For the past three years, Jed has led the way as an Oodgeroo Unit Ambassador and QUT Uni Explore Ambassador, welcoming and educating new Indigenous students to the university, leading campus tours for high school students, leading and facilitating community school visits, and leading the QUT Indigenous information stalls at Career Expos. He was recently appointed Senior Student Ambassador for the Oodgeroo Unit Pre-Orientation Program (POP), whereby he supervises and mentors other Indigenous Ambassadors.

In 2017, Jed co-founded ‘Indigiso’ - the first QUT Indigenous Student Society, and is currently the QUT Student Guild Indigenous Officer and the representative for Union of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students Queensland Branch.

Christopher McNeely

QUT Alumni Special Excellence Award winner

Chris is currently completing a Bachelor of Business in Management and is the President of the QUT Pasifika Association (QUTPA) - a student club with over 130 members.

Chris regularly facilitates QUTPA’s involvement in QUT activities to share Pasifika culture with the wider community and promote a vibrant and inclusive campus culture. These contributions include organising QUTPA's involvement in Harmony Day celebrations and East West Fest performances.

His community contributions include volunteering as a QUT Leadership Development Institute Ambassador, QUTPA Onenesia Peer Mentor, and Assistant Organiser for the 2016 Logan Good Start Fun Run. In 2017, Chris was selected as a QUT Explore Uni Ambassador, where he shares his university experience with secondary school students in the hopes of inspiring them to pursue higher education.

Enya Chong

Student Leadership Excellence Award winner

Enya will graduate at the end of 2018 with a Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Paramedic Science.

In her time at QUT, Enya has immersed herself in university life, not only as a student and emerging health professional but also in growing her leadership capacity to build community and support others in finding learning success. In her first year of university, she joined the QUT Society for Undergraduate Nurses (SUN) and became an active member of the community. She has also volunteered as peer learning facilitator with SNAPS (SUN Nurse Assisted Practise Sessions) and the university-wide STIMulate peer program. She is currently the SNAPS Peer Program Coordinator.

Enya’s compassion and deep commitment to serving others underpins her contribution to QUT and the wider community. She is an active member of the Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR), where she volunteers to provide emergency medical assistance to those at sea, and regularly assists LifeFlight and the Queensland Combined Emergency Services Academy in training exercises.

Todd Crawford

Student Leadership Excellence Award winner

In July 2018, Todd completed a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours). During his time at QUT, Todd was appointed as a QUT Student Ambassador, Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS) Tutor, Science and Development (SID) Winter School Student Ambassador, and Students as Partners Mentor.

Todd is fast becoming someone to watch in the corporate world, having received a number of invitations to speak at board meetings and corporate events. He contributed to the 2018 Prime Minister's report on closing the gap between Indigenous and non‐Indigenous Australians, and in 2017 was invited to speak at a federal government meeting, where he shared his journey to higher education with the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Todd graduated with a grade point average of 6.5, and is currently a Business Analysis Intern with the Macquarie Group in Sydney.

Somayeh Hussaini

Student Leadership Excellence Award winner

Somayeh is an outstanding Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) student with a current grade point average of 6.59. This is an extraordinary achievement, given that her first day of formal school was at the age of 17 after she and her family were accepted into Australia as refugees.

Somayeh is an enthusiastic student who has embraced the opportunity to engage with the QUT community. In 2016 she was accepted into the Dean's Scholars program and joined the Science and Engineering Alumni Dean's Scholars (SEADS) soon after as a committee member. In that role, she has established the Mentor Program, which involves sourcing mentors from the SEADS community, matching mentors and mentees based on their skills and career goals, and providing additional support to participants.

She is also passionate about actively encouraging secondary school students to embrace the opportunities presented by Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM). As a QUT STEM Ambassador, Somayeh has delivered a number of workshops to secondary school students and has been instrumental in facilitating Power of Engineering Program workshops for girls in years 9 and 10.

Samuel Pitman

Student Leadership Excellence Award winner

Sam is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Laws (Honours), having already completed a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology). He is a Program Assistant for KickSTART, a two-day pre-orientation program that aims to develop new students’ sense of belonging and confidence as they transition to QUT.

Sam has been involved in a range of activities on campus, including the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) Program and an Ambassador and Mentor, Service-Learning Projects, Students as Partners Mentor, Campus Life Leaders, QUT Connect, QUT Big Lift, Psychology Welcome Program, Psychology Student Representatives, QUTLS Peer Mentor Buddy Program, Campus Advocacy for Refugees and the QUT Games.

In 2017, he received a New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant to work with NGO BABSEACLE in Myanmar, promoting access to justice by designing and teaching clinical legal education lessons at East Yangon University Law School. Back home, Sam coordinates Service-Learning Projects, which pair community service with student educational opportunities.

Andrew Trubshaw

Student Leadership Excellence Award winner

Throughout his time at QUT, Andrew has proactively contributed to a wide range of university initiatives.

As a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Laws student, Andrew is passionate about debating and was essential to the establishment of the QUT Debating Society (QUTDS) in 2015. In his time with QUTDS, he has organised five QUT debating tournaments, and has attended nine domestic and international tournaments.

Andrew is also involved in Enactus QUT, where he served as Project Leader, Operations Manager, and President in 2016, and has represented QUT in a number of international conferences and competitions.

As a part of the QUT International Case Competition Team, Andrew has attended competitions in the United States, Thailand, and New Zealand. He placed second at both the University of Washington Global Case Competition in Seattle and the SDS International Case Competition in Queenstown, and reached the semi-finals in the Microsoft Protégé Case Competition in Sydney.

Daniel Vankov

Student Leadership Excellence Award winner

Daniel is currently completing a Doctor of Philosophy with a focus on using information and communication technology to improve road safety outcomes for young drivers.

Soon after commencing his PhD studies, Daniel became actively involved with Rotary and in 2017 was elected President of the Rotary Club of Brisbane. He has already used his role with Rotary to initiate a mental health project to train and install mental health instructors in schools with students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and has initiated his club to become a major donor for Red Frogs - a support network for university students and school-leavers.

Outside of his role with Rotary, Daniel recently secured grant funding for two major international projects - the first seeking to teach young people from Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Hungary and Romania how to become young social entrepreneurs, and the second centred around using virtual reality to prevent driving under the influence among young drivers.

Victoria Wall

Student Leadership Excellence Award winner

Victoria is studying a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science and is current President of the QUT Medical Laboratory Science Society (MLSS).

Victoria has been a STIMulate Peer Learning Facilitator (PLF), executive committee member, and chairperson since 2017 and proactively promotes STIMulate to students. As President of the QUT Medical Laboratory Science Society, she has engaged a partnership between STIMulate and MLSS to deliver the LS47 Peer Support Progam through the STIMulate framework.

In 2017 Victoria successfully secured funding for the INSPIRE program to Implement Novel Stem Partnerships in Rural Education. She spent a week in Normanton, with a QUT PhD candidate, teaching science to years 6 to 10 students, aiming to increase attendance and student engagement with sciences. Last year Victoria also participated in QUT Big Lift, the PASS and Peer Learning Conference, and the Australian Conference for Science and Maths Education.

Carman Wong

Student Leadership Excellence Award winner

Carman graduated with a Bachelor of Justice and Bachelor of Laws in 2017 and is current completing her Bachelor of Justice (Honours).

For the past four years she has volunteered as a Campus Life Leader and Orientation Assistant, helping train over 150 Connectors to support orientation activities around campus. She has also volunteered her time to help facilitate TEDxQUT and QUT Classic, and for the last three years has helped first year students assimilate to university life as a JuMP mentor.

In 2016, Carman facilitated interactive workshops at QUT’s Student Leadership Conferences where she simulated the challenges of working in culturally diverse teams under time pressures and uncertainty as a way to share her APSSA experience with fellow student leaders.

Past award winners

2017 winners

Student Leader of the Year
Nalongded Luanglath
Excellence Award winners
Ria Bhagat
Timothy Hui
Julian Loh
Josh Loyd
Chenoa Masters
Fred Duku Silver
Damien Slinger
Kristy Winter

2016 winners

Student Leader of the Year
Nicholas Johnson
Special Excellence Award
Adam Hibble
Excellence Awards
Joeanne Allen
Matthew Connop
Jade Hourigan-Scammell
Jenna-Maree Jacob
Joshua Maguire
Vossco Nguyen
Jack Nolan
Tiana Reimann

2015 winners

Student Leader of the Year
Tri Mulyani Sunarharum
Special Excellence Award winners
Amy Gunnell
Sam Turner
Excellence Award winners
Anja Ali-Haapala
Melissa Blacklock
Allison Boland
Corey Curran
Olivia Hutchinson
Sean Melis
Eddie Robinson
Kevin Yow Yeh

2014 winners

Student Leader of the Year
Jyi Lawton
Special Excellence Award winner
Thomas Davies
Excellence Award winners
Vincent Balmes
Melissa Blacklock
Tianna Camilleri
Bikram Chadha
Courtney Coombs
David Lewis
Ben McGarry
Stacey Percival
Zachary Van Haaften-Thompson

2013 winners

Student Leader of the Year
Brody Foy
Student Leadership Excellence Award and Special Excellence Award
Kerryn Chung
Student Leadership Excellence Award
Kassandra Buckle
Joel Fernandes
Laura McCosker
Daniel Nutley
Laura Pegg
Manisha Senadeera
Elisabeth Snow
Luke Swetman

2012 winners

Student Leader of the Year
Erin Gregor
Student Leadership Excellence Award
Wadzanai Chiwira
Rebecca Daynes
Jodie Farthing
Louise McDonald
Kirralee Parsons
Natalie Reason
Edward Robinson
Jonathan Row
Peter Von Einem

2011 winners

Student Leader of the Year
Jeremy Baldwin
Student Leadership Excellence Award
Melanie Arnost
Michael Attard
Ashley Duggan
Ivan Ingram
Liqin (Jessica) Kong
Laura Parker
Ngam Kim Truong
Yeting (Vivian) Xiao
Brigitte Yap

2010 winners

Student Leader of the Year
Arlou Arteta
Student Leadership Excellence Award
Darren Cann
Ashleigh Coome
Anja Homburg
Lisa Kingsberry
Karen Lewis
Naleesha Niranjan
Stephanie Parkin
Benjamin Schostakowski
Daniel Townson

2009 winners

Student Leader of the Year
Katrina Bukauskas
Student Leadership Excellence Award
Tara Haskins
Deanna Hood
Tanya Kretschmann
Madeline McIntyre
Penelope Mee Lee
Chloe Parker
Renee Robbie
Robyn Shenfield
Petrina Underwood

2008 winners

Student Leader of the Year
Sarah Moran
Student Leadership Excellence Award
David Adams
Yasotha Balakrishnan
Daniel Brennan
Kelly McNamara
Ellen Nicholas
Timothy O'Shea
Tiara Shaqif
Helen Stylianou
James Ward

2007 winners

Student Leader of the Year
Michelle Mills
Student Leadership Excellence Award
Michael D'Onofrio
Sandi Dawson
Shane Degen
Samantha Laidlaw Thompson
Yen Ngo
Rebecca Shaw
James Tilbury
Ashlea White
Helena Wu

2006 winners

Student Leader of the Year
Alison Macintyre
Student Leadership Excellence Awards
Hayley Angell
Nemenja Antic
Deanna Borland-Sentinella
Joshua Caerio
Lauren Carr
Sandra Kafrouni
Damian Leonard
Nikketah McGrath
John Zunker

2005 winners

Student Leader of the Year
Rachael Truscott
Student Leadership Excellence Awards
Anna Crossin
Emmelene Gray
Chandni Gupta
Ruth Hosking
Kristiana Kilvert
Leanne Linard
Meggie Palmer
Bridie Scott-Parker



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