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Pre-service teachers

Professional Experience is the essential link between theory and practice to help you step into the classroom with confidence.

Where can I complete my Professional Experience?


Southeast Queensland

Most pre-service teachers will be allocated a placement within 90 minutes travel time from their home address.

Locations depend on what you're studying and which sites have offered placements.

Unless there are special circumstances, each of your placements will be in a different location.

Regional and remote

Regional, rural and remote Queensland

Regional, rural and remote placements can be a valuable opportunity to experience a different school setting.

There is financial and accommodation assistance available at some locations to help you undertake this experience.

If you're interested in a regional, rural or remote placement, get in contact with the Professional Experience team as soon as you enrol in the professional experience unit or check InPlace for currently available opportunities.


States and territories other than Queensland

Pre-service teachers need to be aware that interstate placements are very competitive and can take some time to organise.

If you're hoping to secure an interstate placement, please speak to the Professional Experience team.

More information about placements outside Queensland can be found below.


International placements

Occasionally overseas institutions invite QUT students to apply for Professional Experience opportunities. Students can also organise their own international placements, however please speak to the Professional Experience team first.

More information about international placements and criteria is available below.

Currently there are four places available to complete Professional Experience in Hong Kong. Applications close 10 March 2019.

Before you start your placement

There are a few things you need to have organised well before placement starts. If you don't, you may have to withdraw from the subject which could delay you completing your degree.


To undertake professional experience, you must have a GPA of 4.0 or higher. If your GPA is lower than this, the professional experience team will need to decide if you can enrol in the unit.

Before your final professional experience, you must have passed LANTITE. We recommend that BEd students take this test after their first year, and MTeach students take it after their first semester.

Make sure your details are up to date

Make sure your contact details and address are up to date. We will use your current residential address to assist in finding an appropriate placement.

Blue Card / Working With Children Check

In Queensland, anyone working with children under 18 years old must undergo a criminal history check and posses a Blue Card. These are issued by the Queensland Government Blue Card Services and are valid for 3 years.

Before you start your placement, you MUST have your Blue Card, AND have your Blue Card registered with QUT Student Services.

You must apply for a Blue Card at least 10 weeks before placement starts.

If you haven't applied for a new Blue Card or renewal 10 weeks before placements begin, we will not source a placement for you.

Find out more about applying for a Blue Card on HiQ

If your placement is in another state or country, you will also need to undergo a Working With Children Check with the relevant authority and register this with HiQ.

Make a disclosure

Do any of these situations apply to you? Could they affect your ability to participate fully in your placement? If so, please read more about making a disclosure on HiQ.

  • a disability, injury, health condition (permanent, temporary, episodic or fluctuating)
  • religious or cultural considerations
  • difficult personal circumstances

Identify and report conflicts of interest

You are expected to recognise and let us know of any potential conflicts of interest, such as:

  • A spouse, partner, family member or close friend is employed at the site
  • Your own children, or children of family members are enrolled at the site
  • You are already employed at the site in any capacity, including teachers aide, OSHC worker, music / drama / sports tuition

You will not normally be placed at a site where you have identified a potential conflict of interest.

Report any potential conflicts of interest to the Professional Experience team. Failing to report may jeopardise your placement.

Workplace health and safety

Set your goals

Prior to starting your placement you need to start planning your goals and objectives for the placement. You will need to provide these goals, along with your contact details, to your Site Coordinator, Supervising Teacher and University Partner as soon as you have been allocated a placement site.

Download the goal setting sheet (PDF file, 533.9 KB)

Prepare your Professional Practice Folder

Pre-service teachers must have a Professional Practice Folder for each Professional Experience placement they undertake. This must be a physical folder which must be made available to their Site Coordinator, Supervising Teacher and University Partner as requested. The pre-service teacher must keep this folder up to date on a daily basis.

Download folder information sheet (PDF file, 76.3 KB)

Finding a placement

In most circumstances, a placement will be found for you. If you wish to complete your professional experience anywhere outside Southeast Queensland, please contact the Professional Experience team as soon as possible.

Southeast Queensland placements

Regional, rural and remote placements

Interstate placements

International placements

While you're on placement

Find out what will be expected of you before you begin your placement.




Progress reports

There are separate reports for those undertaking a Primary Specialisation.

Download the guide for Primary Specialisations (PDF file, 347.5 KB)

Progression tables

Workplace Health and Safety


Legal responsibilities

Discontinuing your placement

Academic and personal support services

Permission to Teach

Contact us

For pre-service teachers

If you are a pre-service teacher, please contact HiQ with questions about Professional Experience.

3138 2000

For sites and schools

Schools, sites and university partners should contact the Professional Experience team directly.

3138 3467