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I don't have an undergraduate degree

Apply for one of our education bachelor degrees for pre-service teachers. If you want to be an early childhood teacher (including Prep year), you should choose our Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood).

Undergraduate courses

I have an undergraduate degree in something else and I want to become a teacher

Our Master of Teaching will prepare you to teach in school settings. You must have a three-year minimum degree in a subject other than education or family studies. Your course will include educational and curriculum studies in your chosen study area.

Master of Teaching (Early Childhood)

Master of Teaching (Primary)

Master of Teaching (Secondary)

I have a Diploma in Children's Services and I want to upgrade my qualifications

If you have a Diploma of Children's Services (Early Childhood Education and Care) or Advanced Diploma of Children's Services (or an equivalent accreditation qualification), you may be able to claim credit towards some of our bachelor degrees.

I'm an education or learning professional and I want to enhance or change my career

Apply for our postgraduate courses or professional development programs. You don't need to be a registered teacher to apply for some of our postgraduate courses.

Postgraduate courses

Professional development


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