12 September 2017

QUT Faculty of Education researchers have been awarded a $65,000 grant from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Australia-Korea Foundation.

The grant will fund a two-year project that aims to improve the English language teaching skills of Australian and Korean teachers in multicultural contexts, and foster a sustainable teaching relationship between the two countries.

Led by Dr Neal Dreamson and higher degree research student Simon McIntyre, the project will help them gain a better understanding of the professional needs of both Australian and Korean English language teachers.

"Teaching English with native teachers in Korean schools, particularly teachers from Australia, has been steadily growing since it started in 1995."

"Both systems of teaching are marked by distinct differences in method, curriculum, culture and philosophies. Our project aims to provide professional support to teachers from both countries to improve their teaching skills and intercultural relationships."

"Participant teachers will be given the opportunity to experience first-hand how their counterparts teach through an exchange program. The teachers will build practical and professional observations of their counterparts, and gain unique insights that will inform their own pedagogic approaches to English education."

Dr Dreamson said that the rapid increase of multiculturalism in Australian schools makes the project even more important for teachers.

"Teachers are required to adapt their pedagogy to increasing number of students whose first language is not English, without any formal language teacher education."

"This project will help support a wider goal to produce teachers who are equipped with the intercultural skills and pedagogies needed to teach students from diverse cultural backgrounds."

The project also aims to work with the participating teachers to produce a guide for the Australian-Korean teaching community, and a series of public and online seminars to share the project outcomes and learnings.

The project is also sponsored by the Queensland Department of Education and Training and Gyeongsangnam Provincial Office of Education (GPOE).

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