Masterclass on young people and digital media @ KG

25 November 2016

Join the QUT Digital Media Research Centre for an insightful examination of the digital media practices of young people both at home and at school, lead by Julian Sefton-Green from the London School of Economics and Political Science and Michael Dezuanni from the QUT DMRC. 

Presented by Julian Sefton-Green, the class: living and learning in the digital age draws on a year–long ethnography into the ‘learning lives’ of 13-14 year olds in London, based on a publication by Sonia Livingstone and Julian Sefton-Green (The Class: Living and Learning in the Digital Age, New York University Press 2016).

Focusing on the everyday and routine uses of media in the home, the talk describes how learning is constructed, mediated and enacted, showing how different families adopt and use folk ‘theories of learning’, and how such theories relate to dominant discourses around learning in school.

Michael Dezuanni from the QUT DMRC will also present YouTube: Institutional, public and private pedagogies, discussing YouTube as a location and practice of boundary crossing between schooling, public and private pedagogies within young people’s daily lives. The presentation draws on focus group interviews conducted in 20 schools in five Australian States with young people aged between ten and eighteen years of age. 

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25 November 2016 - 25 November 2016
9.00am - 12.00 midday
Building Z9, Kelvin Grove QUT
Room 507
Digital Media Research Centre
Tess McGlone
3138 3556
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Masterclass on young people and digital media


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