New Centre for Inclusive Education to raise standards in research and practice

8th April 2020

QUT’s new research centre dedicated to inclusive education will help give all children and young people equal opportunities to learn and develop.

The Centre for Inclusive Education (C4IE) is one of 10 new research centres established at QUT to enhance the impact of high-quality research outcomes, build high-calibre capacity and showcase excellence in research.

Professor Linda Graham, one of Australia’s leading inclusive education researchers, will head the new centre, which aims to improve the educational experiences and outcomes of all students, particularly groups that are marginalised and disadvantaged.

“Inclusive education research and practice has always been a priority at QUT, but we are thrilled that this has been formalised with the establishment of the new Centre for Inclusive Education,” said Professor Graham.

“Our research members and students are looking forward to delivering high-quality, impactful research on real-world problems that affect students’ educational experiences and outcomes.”

“We’ll achieve this by developing innovative projects capable of producing the evidence needed to understand and address those problems, and collaborate with industry and peak organisations to help realise our goals.”

Professor Linda Graham is Director of the new QUT Centre for Inclusive Education.

The centre’s research will focus on four key programs – Safety and Wellbeing, Inclusion and Exclusion, Engagement and Learning, and Australian Indigenous Knowledges and Perspectives.

Schools, parents, educators and other professionals will benefit from the centre’s work with professional learning opportunities, high-quality empirical evidence, and genuine partnership and networking opportunities.

QUT already offers a Master of Education (Inclusive Education), a free online course and series of online modules in inclusive education, as well as other professional learning in bullying, inclusion and autism, and trauma-informed schooling to help schools and teachers enhance their practice.

Professor Graham said she hopes the centre’s work will provide teachers and policy makers with the evidence, knowledge and strategies needed to ensure inclusive education is a standard in schools across Australia.

“Inclusive education is a fundamental human right that enables all other rights,” said Professor Graham.

“We’re excited to deliver research outcomes that will provide equitable learning opportunities to all students across all levels of education through the removal of barriers to access and participation, whether those barriers are physical, logistical, pedagogical, social or cultural.”

Visit The Centre for Inclusive Education website to learn more. 

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