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A Cultural and Linguistic Encounter with Professor Matthew Burdelski (Osaka University) Socializing preschool children’s bodies in Japanese

29-11-2016 In face-to-face communication, the body is a central resource in performing, interpreting, and responding to human action. Hence, children in any society have to learn how to deploy the body in socio-culturally organized ways, which vary to a degree based on the participants, setting, activity, and the immediate social action. Parents, teachers, siblings, and at times peers play a role in shaping children’s bodies in specific ways, while at the same time children are agents who may align with or resist this socialization.

Achievement Emotions: Functions, Origins, and Implications for Practice with Visiting Scholar, Dr Reinhard Pekrun (University of Munich)

09-12-2016 Emotions are ubiquitous in achievement settings. Various emotions are experienced in these settings, such as enjoyment, hope, pride, anger, anxiety, shame, or boredom.

Oral language skills and the transition to literacy with Visiting Scholar, Prof Pamela Snow (La Trobe University, Victoria)

17-01-2017 Oral language skills and the transition to literacy: Finding synergies between education and speech-language pathology to improve academic outcomes with Visiting Scholar, Prof Pamela Snow (La Trobe University, Victoria)This presentation will outline the developmental importance of early oral language competence, both for the emergence of prosocial interpersonal skills and for the transition to literacy in the first three years of school.

'Upskilling' Qld teens & teachers: Education Minister visits QUT for Vice-Chancellor's STEM Camp

27-09-2016 'Upskilling' Queensland's teenagers and teachers in STEM areas (science, technology, education and maths) is crucial for the state's future success, according to Queensland Education Minister Kate Jones who visited QUT today for the annual Vice-Chancellor's STEM Camp. 


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